May 23, 2022

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13 thoughts on “What Tasha K Will Say Tonight (spoiler)

  1. Tasha K still hasn’t learned. She is trying to put on a show for the winos while continuing to implicate herself and make matters work

    The best thing she can do is not speak on this ad focus on working for Cardi B to pay that judgement. Cardi’s attorneys mean business

  2. Not a fan of either person. Tasha’s
    Behavior with people, is almost deplorable… and CB is … just CB… I feel like if half the things in this article is listed because it may very well be the case!!! Most, if not all, scenarios could be contributing factors to why she lost.

    1. Ditto…I feel The same way. Not a fan of either however Cardi did not deserve this. What she may be responsible for (having girls beat on because your husband cheats) still remains to be
      Pending in court… Different case though

  3. Should have just settled and apologized before it got to this point. Don’t care for either, but a spade is a spade. She knows there is transcript of the whole trial, right? What happens when that is release to the public?

    I’m not optimistic she will win the appeal. She has been warned several times to settle and take the videos down.

    Ego and pride could get you so far.

  4. Again what is her reasoning for this? What did she think was gonna happen. What was her end game cause I just don’t get it..I am confusion. Lol

    1. No I just added more the things Heav said she was going to say she did say She didn’t apologize like we said she wouldn’t she denied the go fund me she said she was fighting this battle for all of her winos like i said she would I definitely didn’t expect the Illuminati garbage and I said she would blame the judge which she did and i said she would blame the media coverage which she did so I was right on a lot of stuff No one is going to be 100% but that was writeen by someone that is attorney or publicist driven

  5. I hope more people start doing this. Media take out, daily mail & the sun & youtuber ashtea miracle all should be held accountable for some of the defamation they push.

    1. The celebrities have to be willing to fight for their name and be just bothered enough and petty enough to see it through

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