May 16, 2022

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11 thoughts on “Hot Take Tuesday Cardi and Offset

  1. Why get married if u know you’re not ready to settle down? Give him back to the streets!! To each it’s own but when is enough ENOUGH!! She went and got a new body and he still cheats!! LOL!! Ladies love yourself and know your self-worth!!

  2. The fact that she’s accustomed to it and expects it is sad. Especially with people believing she’s pregnant again.

  3. If I was this hot rapper who they gave this big platform and big success to I would not be taking his shit from offset. He needs her not the other way around she has the upper hand. If I was her I would’ve drew up a contract with rules that he has to abide by and if he broke any take his ass to the bank. She betta than me chilee. 😂😂

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