August 18, 2022

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8 thoughts on “Quick Hits 2/18/2021

  1. I don’t like Jason lee …… but hope y’all are paying attention how cardi always fall out with her blogger friends 😂😂! I hope you guys stay on her good side .

    1. she has no reason ro fall out with me because we had a talk from the start and I told her go to my page go to my blog and if you see anything that you have a problem with lets discuss it now she hot me back the next day and said she looked and we good so she had her chance to say something I told her speak now or forever hold your shade. Then when we hung out i LA right before wap I called her on the always responding on social media we got into it she called me a know it all and that was that we good .

  2. I appreciate all of your efforts and support you. I’ve been supporting your pages for a long time. Thank you for what you do. It’s impactful.

  3. She acquires Bloggers like landed properties, she will get a new blogger, many are on the line to be used. Jason Lee will be alright

  4. I hate biscuit neck lee he is such a messy queen and so bias if you’re gonna be a blogger you can’t have picks

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