September 30, 2022

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14 thoughts on “Sugar Bullets : Motley Crew

  1. It was Nikki Sixx that died and got revived but YES G MORE OF THE WHITE ROCKSTARS! Lol do a part 2 I know they got more than that 🙂 let’s get some bullets on KISS, Aerosmith, Rolling Stones all them white men got stories

    1. And if prince hated them because they kept chasing his women that explains why nikki sixx got with Vanity. I know prince hated him the most lol

  2. I like hearing about all the old 80s rock bands. I be wondering what they are up to now and or they still alive because most of them were hard core dope heads. I am least happy to hear for the most part that all The Crue is still walking amongst the living.

  3. Yes! And give us more about rock bands! I know they have good scandalous stories! They don’t say “party like a rock star” for nothing lol

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