September 30, 2022

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29 thoughts on “Sugar Bullets: Jaguar Wright And Mary J Blige

    1. She’s been around for a minute – she’s making headlines because she just started speaking out. I know she sings I’ve never heard her say rap.

      1. That woman was in the business long before she got with Roots, started out interning can’t remember which label ..

        But Sis dropped so much tea in details it’s hard not to believe her.

  1. From watching her videos I think she’s bitter that her career never flourished and she feels that everything Mary J Blige has it should have been hers because Jaguar feels she’s a superior talent. It started with Malik B’s passing and her airing out The Roots, then Jill Scott, then Erykah Badu, then Common (Common was to have tried to put his dick in her mouth as she was waking up but that quickly went away)….then Mary, now P. Diddy, Clive Davis, Andre Harrell, Christopher Williams, Summer Walker got thrown in the mix. She barely mentions Malik anymore but now its about her telling people’s dirt and her obsessive vendetta against Mary J Blige. I understand her son’s passing weigh heavily on her as it should, but I wonder who is backing her? Who has put her up to this? It just seems well orchestrated and the timing is perfect. This isn’t her first time spilling all the “tea”, she was just able to get everyone to listen this time. Just my two cents as a spectator.

    1. Question… when has she spilled “tea” before? I honestly don’t recall her ever doing so in the manner she is now. She does have a lot of anger and pain built up cause she definitely has been through a lot of shit. I highly doubt she has backing because the people she’s airing out wouldn’t really make a significant impact in my opinion. Also, I like her and Mary. I think they are different styles of singers and it’s really no competition because they are both different classes. I think she has some resentment and she’s justified in that but I also know she’s called herself out too. I don’t know what the end game is for her but when she put that shit out about Puff…I was like…WHOA 😳 and I hope she has some kind of protection.

      1. There’s a video on YouTube from 2015 where she was ranting about Mary and K Michelle among others, and even then she talked about being on Unplugged and Mary. Yes she’s been through alot but the way she’s going about things I can’t respect her. She called herself out so that no one could beat her to the punch, but half the things about Mary that she said Mary had already told the world (drugs, relationship issues, financial issues, her attitude, Mary even spoke on possibly trying to share Kendu with another woman on The Breakfast Club interview) Her and Mary are two different artists indeed, but Jaguar has set out to prove she’s more superior vocally and intellectually. I can’t deny she is hurting but she’s out to take everybody out that ever crossed her, and I can’t help but to wonder just how much of a part she played in her own demise?

    2. She owns all her music and still gets money til this day. She isnt bitter and had nothing to lose. She got sugar on everyone.

  2. I can believe the Mary Being fake nice to Beyoncé tea cause doesn’t Mary actually really like Rih? Hence why Rih was the one chosen to present Mary with that BET Award? I can see them dissing Beyonce on the side lol

    We been found out Mary was giving out them cookies so her getting Choo- Choo’s ran on her ain’t surprising.

    I personally have never heard of Jaguar Wright but I’m for the tea lol

  3. I’m not in shock about MJB I heard about her behavior years ago especially all the drama towards faith evans another singer who really help Mary during her second album one of her best albums until this day Jaguar not bitter she just sees the witches and warlocks of that demonic industry doing people dirty that Christopher Williams took me out I wasn’t surprised but damn

  4. Anyways what happened on the yacht with Megan and Mary. It was a video at one of those Hollywood parties of jay giving Mary J a hug and bey walked right pass them, but Mary looked so happy when she seen j. Of course her and bey going to be fake.

  5. It is at this moment I vaguely remember Jaguar. She sang, right? I remember her being apart of the neo soul group. All this time I thought she was more of a behind the scenes person, like strictly a writer or producer.

    Anywho, I am not surprised about Mary’s shenanigans. I mean she has been this game 30 yrs, so I am sure she has done her fair share. Mary can keep it cute because for the most part she keeps quiet and too herself. She runs in a different genre of music that doesn’t scream “I NEED to be relevant” like the Beyonces of the world. From what Jaguar described it sounds like Mary did her dirt the old school way, like Diana, Aretha, & etc. It still sucks, but in these evil industry I can respect it lol. At least we aren’t hearing about sacrifices and all this other wicked mess from Mary 🤷🤣.

  6. Thank you for running that list down. I’ve been following Jaguar’s career for years. In recent months I have watched hours of her conversations. Her voice is incredible. She’s been through a lot. She does have a lot of bitterness, but she’s right about a lot of what she speaks about. She’s had a lot done to her, but she was made to shut up and go along with a lot too. We know how evil this industry is and she said her mission is to right the wrongs. I can’t imagine having to keep secrets for fame and then not even get the success I was promised in the end. Those secrets weigh on you. As far as MJ, I’ve always respected her music but she was one of the rudest artists I’ve met. Who knows maybe it was a bad day, but the story I got is that she’s like that to most women. I can’t be mad at Jag for telling her story. It’s obvious she doesn’t care anymore, keeping that bottled up might’ve been worse for her mentally. The only thing I don’t like is that she’s outing conversations with ppl who talked to her in confidence. Air out the dirty stuff but you have to protect the people who told you. That Bad Boy attorney who told her that Diddy story is probably done. That was a huge story.

  7. But everybody knows Mary was difficult. Hell, Mary tells you herself that she had attitude and how most of the time she was high. IF MJB is gay or bi that’s her business. Jaguar comes off as bitter. Better yet if she was so talented then why no one signed her? Or why not go independent? Or go over seas. Not saying she isn’t telling the truth but show the receipts?

  8. Hi G..good info but can we get info on deon cole and dnice? It’s been interesting seeing the truth come out about dnice and I believe Deon.

      1. Deon called Dnice out on IG live last Sunday about a conversation they had. Dnice was mad disrespectful but Deon was still really respectable and showed love. That’s why I believe him. Then I remembered that story G did about Dnice and how his IG blew up with the club quarantine all of the sudden a while back. Dude straight trying to take over I feel.

  9. I believe Jag 1000% but she’s bitter. Honey, let go. Mary is still going to have the life you never had. Mary will answer for her ignorance and ego like the rest of us. It comes off very desperate. Plus, everyone knows Mary’s been fucking and sucking. Nothing new

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