September 30, 2022

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33 thoughts on “Spilling Sugar On Everyone

  1. I thought cardi looked different and was def dressed like Nicki. 💅
    Rat looking Miguel lol. 🐀
    I have liked Sean combs. Ever.
    Rah is petty and red eye. 🐍
    I seen Rihanna posing with those Arabic tats on display…
    What you expect from a dude that used to be handing out on Jamaica and Archer 🤷🏾‍♀️
    Everybody knows TMZ lied: Harvey is a Zionist pig.

  2. No surprise that Fee was lying about talking to someone close to the Bryant family. Considering the fact that children and other families were involved it would be reckless to speak to any blog… especially a messy, lie and hate-filled blog. I thought YG & Khelani were cute together and hopefully Drake & Nikki can at least become cordial. Wish she would have settled down with someone like Nas tho.

    1. Man that Fee chik is really something else! Charging all that money then talk shit to the ppl in the comments,she’s wack!!

  3. Poor Rih all because that man couldn’t pull a prince Harry and ride out for her like Harry does for Meghan 🙁

    Nicki and drake need to stop the madness and be friends again they are like an old married couple just like she said! And she needs to drop Kenneth hood booger ass I’m tired he doing too much! And if Nicki talks to drake Kenneth better not be nowhere near the room!

    With Wayne latest album being called funeral I’m so on edge with him like why he wanna have the young money family come together :’( my anxiety makes me over think.

  4. Cardi can stop getting work done now. She say she wasn’t getgett no more things done to her body after she got sick last year. Cardi is not as hard as she clam she is. She never was cute with out her makeup. She emotionally mess up to let people talk her into getting her face done all you had to do is keep her makeup on. Nicki looks good but her boobs are still to big. Also Nicki have to let Kenneth go. If he continues to act out in public she will have to keep him home. I hope he is not putting man hands on her. Because he have hit her before in the past. I know she will have to pay him off to keep him from talking about her when this marriage is over. I dont think it’s a good idea for drake and nicki to talk to each other right now. Nicki husband is not about to have that. Wayne really need to think about that again. We dont need another fight with nicki, drake and crazy ass Kenneth. They just got into to with meek. I never trust RahAli because she was Remi ma friend first. then she and Remi ma fallout she ran to nicki and befriend her. Rihanna is so beautiful I know she was hurt about this break up. But she always talking to her ex boyfriend when she mad at Hassan. They been together for three years. She had time to get pregnant and have a baby with him. She was not doing any music at the time. Diddy’ is trash for all the people he stole money from. Kelis need to leave Nas alone for real. She got a husband and a another children with her husband. Yet she always talking about Nas. I used to love her music but for the last three years she really been turning me off. Let it go. She want nas money. She she have stay with him and work on her marriage. She was the reason nicki left nas. To much drama kelis would not let him see his child. She crazy ass hell.

    1. Oh, did the blog tell you that kenneth put his hands on nicki. Have you seen him put his hands on her? That’s a HARD NO. Until you have proof that he did that to her then….

      1. Leeca0109 G have said this on the blog a year ago. Kenneth and nicki have history they know each other very well. He hit her and she left him years ago. A lot of people do not remember this story because G told us this on the blog in 2018, when they first started talking again. I been on this blog since day one. Maybe you just got here.

  5. Cardi needs to stop with the surgery in the face it’s going to hurt you in the long run look at lil Kim
    Nicki needs to let Kenneth go that man is useless and trouble he don’t bring nothing to the table but problems.
    I hope Wayne sits down with the both of them so everyone can get everything off their chest
    I feel bad for Rih she really loved that man but I hope she finds love again I don’t think Asap is the one for her

  6. Cardi is a very beautiful girl. Makes me sad that a bad angle got her feeling that bad about herself smh. Nicki is Skintttyyy huntyyyyy. She should take some more of her but and hips down because yeah she slim but in that video she looked to slip for her hips

    1. Cardi is ugly you fans need to stop the lies. Thats why that woman walk out the house with out makeup. She really thought she was cute. And the world let her know she wasn’t cute at all. Fans dont always tell the truth. But the world will tell the honest truth.

  7. For some reason, I used to get Bruno Mars and Miguel mixed up. They just remind me of women. And I have no idea why. I hope it doesn’t make anybody mad! But they both give me female vibes.

    As far as Diddy and Mase, I can’t wait to see how that turns out! I was really surprised to see that long as they didn’t make throat against puffy. Because I didn’t even know that they have parted on bad terms. There’s one guy who does a lot of posting on IG regarding the industry and he saying that puffy did give Mase back his money at some point but then I forgot what transpired after that.

    G, I think he follows you. It’s behind the smoke page. But he wrote a whole section on it yesterday. Maybe 2 of them.

  8. I don’t feel bad for Rihanna just like how she had no sympathy for Ms Campbell . That’s how karma works

  9. Is Rihanna slow? Why did she think that was gonna work? Those Muslim families are VERY particular about who they allow their sons to marry. Why did she think that she was going to pull that off? And why would she want to? Dressing in outfits to her ankles and having to be subservient. Girl. Bye. As for Kenny Petty? I wonder how he’s gotten aggressive? I know Nicki ain’t legally married him yet so she can leave at anytime. She’s another one where her taste in men are trash. Her and Rihanna are gorgeous. They need to get a therapist and find a man with means who will treat them with respect.

  10. Cardi should stop letting what people say about her looks get the best of her. Halle Berry is the finest women and people still say things about her face and body. Nicki does look good and I hope her and Drake can be cool again cause I want more music from them together.

  11. Oh lawd nooooo not the light skinned el de barge Miguel these niggas ain’t crap
    Why marry her then
    I guess the only faithful men
    Are safaree Samuels
    Papoose mendecees Russell Wilson steph Curry
    Jacob Payne Chinny’s husband and hazel e’s

  12. Awe poor RiRi 💔, Cardi looks more plastic and in one pic I almost confused her with Nicki. I love Niki’s slim down and she looks great. However, I wished she had chose a better partner. The heart wants what the heart wants I guess.

  13. Listening to Lil Wayne new music got me nervous. Something really bad msut be bout to happen so that’s the number one reason Nicki and Drake need to work things out

  14. Nooooo Miguel 😥!

    😂😂 @ Cardi

    Even before Kobe died, he never came across as the type to have his people talk to people. Pretty sure that mentality is engraved. Plus Vanessa doesn’t look like to get into business like that.

    LORD, Rhianna *deep sigh* Dr. Phil is waiting on his call. Better yet let’s upgrade to Iyanla 😂😂. I don’t know how she was going to make it happen with Hassan, when she wasn’t going to conform to the Muslim religion/culture. Between this and her back peddling with exes, Rhianna needs to take a beat, be single, and work on self.

  15. YG is gross. I ain’t forgot about his baby mama saying he gave her herpes… Kehlani seems to purposely make the wrong life choices. The jury is still out for me on Kenneth Petty but it does feel good to see Nicki is not going out without a fight in terms of her career and putting out new music. Hopefully the past few years of events have changed her perspective and attitude. I know Nicki and Drake are both on young money and were once cool but I dont see a point in salvaging the friendship. Let sleeping dogs lie, let bygones be bygones and keep pushing. Is this going to be the year that Diddy finally goes down from all of the karma that’s due to him???!!! The elites can’t be happy with his little outburst at that Grammy event. More people than just Ma$e will need to come forward and speak tho… Cardi is gonna have some major health issues and look nuts by the time she hits her mid 30s if she doesnt stop all the enhancements and surgeries… sorry for writing a novel, just so much to address in that post!

  16. Yes i know what blog you talking about…..lying asses …….whew chile now why cardboard want to look like Nicki Minaj? She STILL CANT RAP

  17. Being as how nicki has been through so much with being attacked with a shoe and she has been through so much with the ultimate disrespect so kenneth has a husband has every right to protective and aggressive with people that get close to her and on top of that he is a hood n***a. Y’all got the nerve in these comments

    1. What are you talking about. Noone is disrespecting nicki Minaj in the comments. Yes she has been through alot but let’s be real. Kenneth is too much for nicki so times he do to much. He got in alot of trouble last year and nicki had to spend money to get him out of mess. She need some one who can help her not bring her more sorrow and pain.

    2. She has body guards she don’t need that man. He used hit on nicki back in the day and his ex but you think it’s cute he is aggressive.

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