August 15, 2022

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30 thoughts on “The Truth Behind Why Kimbella is Getting even more surgery

  1. Listen, I believe every word. It’s a damn shame that she has had all these babies by Juelz when she knew they weren’t married first of all and second of all she knew they weren’t in the greatest position financially. Why keep having children and you’re struggling? It’s also a shame that she has no marketable skills outside of her enhanced body. I’m curious to see what Mona cooks up but I can’t see anyone with any real coins taking Kimbella seriously. All I see is her getting smutted out for about 5,000. Sad.

      1. Hell No! Kimbella was skinny as a toothpick! A bit of boobs and a lil booty. Dumb shoulda stayed she was. After she had the first , I didn’t know who the hell she was!

  2. I thought Kim was older than 35 years old? (In her 40s). Her husband is younger then her though. I hope everything works out for her and her family though.

  3. These ppl need to get a job or start a business this is sad I don’t judge but damn… sooner or later reality tv is gonna demise then what are they gonna do… on another note reality tv have saved so many lives it’s like everyone lives off of it… it’s crazy because Jim Jones girl is coming back too.. damn I hope this ppl are saving them coins and investing their money it won’t last forever.

  4. When you say overseas
    You mean Dubai right? What’s goes on over there
    I see that Gucci was over and hazel e is over there with her “ husband”
    Do a lot of love and hip hop stars go yachting?
    Ang I guess Juelz is fine with it because he has someone too while he’s locked up

    1. Yes and if they doing the shit, everyone is going to be seeing everybody in the same damn spot. Little do they know their asses are set up.

    2. Yachting doesnt just = rich men paying $ , some of them old women be tricking $ IDK . Wait until EllenD , HRC , etc get exposed for buying young girls the me2 movement gonna get turned upside down LMAO !

  5. She truly doesn’t need anymore surgeries. Kimbella looks horrible now. When she 1st got on the show she looked fine. But now she had those enhancements and looks a mess. I believe every word about what she is going to do for money. Because logically outside of Love and Hip Hop what else does Kimbella do? Her urban magazine modeling days are over. So that leaves only one thing left… Escorting.

    1. Umm going back to school is an option. Yandy is the only I seen so far with a college degree and have her own business. Her net worth speaks for herself. At least she has something to fall back own. Same thing with Hazel, has a college degree and look what she choosee, escorting.

      1. True, that is a option. Another would be giving up a lifestyle that she can’t afford. But we know these folks don’t work with common sense. They want stuff they really don’t need or stuff that even with a degree might not in their tax bracket. And they want it fast. In truth some of them aren’t any better than the hustlers on the block…they are ALL looking for quick cash and a easy out.

  6. I do not feel sorry for none of those ladies. With that plastic surgery they are getting, they all forgot about middle age spread. No matter how weight you lose or how much exercise do, middle age spread is coming wether you like it or not. None of them haven’t even thought about that. Watch how their bodies when they get older especially Kimbella. Boy oh boy all going regret those surgeries.

  7. Honestly, I’m not surprised by this. But on the flip side, wasn’t she in school to be a doctor or something along those lines? Why didn’t she have a back up plan in case shit went left?

  8. At this point Kimbella should either go back to school or create a brand around her kids. That way she can include her kids in her work and physically be there for them at the same time. Anything other than escorting. She’s not interesting, her voice would get annoying, she’s gorgeous but doesn’t hold my attention long and her body looks ridiculous. It’s sad she let Juelz choose to marry her before he goes in for his sentence. That’s the most obvious controlling act in the book for guys and she fell for it.

  9. Kimbella is not even cute to me, just high yellow and she botched her body something terrible. Anyone with an ounce of sense knows to prepare for a rainy day because it’s GOING TO RAIN. Especially when you have kids. Wtf would she have all them kids with him knowing what their financial status was. And now he’s locked up, I don’t understand the point of them even getting married honestly.

  10. Celebs do not have the same morals & respect regular married folks have ….. but she might pimp herself is on another level.
    It’s a shame these women do not take adv when they’re on their prime and start a business.
    They know their man is not getting money legally and do not prepare themselves & their kids.
    They just keep buying bags & shoes 🤦🏻‍♀️ For temp fame ….. hopefully she rebrands herself without pimping

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