August 15, 2022

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25 thoughts on “Quick Hits 8/17/19

  1. Rih weren’t you just out here supporting a play that romanticizes slavery? She’s in no place to be criticizing someone’s stance on black issues, and that wasn’t even the first time she showed her ass.
    Pot kettle

    1. Rih is not gaining anything financially or being a hypocrite & there’s a laundry lost of how much worse things the Carters have fine that would shock you

      Jay was out here wearing a Colin K shirt on SNL, telling all the black artists including himself to boycott the NFL & not to perform at the SB until Kap has a job. Ratings are down, his wife just presented Colon the Muhammad Ali award. Jay said the NFL is the KKK & that he doesn’t need them

      Tells JD he’s researched the NFL & not to take the deal

      MEANWHILE at least for a year according to Robert Kraft Jay has been negotiating JD’s same deal. That’s a snake move & confirms did the right price he can be bought & sell his soul any further

      This part owner in the future smokescreen was a weak PR move to counter the backlash & there’s still no info about the alleged social activism

      I do notice those going hard in the paint for Jay is bc they are a fan I’m& worship his wife

      1. My point is not about defending Jay Z it’s about her. She’s in no place to talk period. Everyone on here should’ve been known about Jay Z, wasn’t shocked at all.
        But she should sit and eat her food. Pot kettle

      2. But you haven’t explained to me even how someone having an interview or IG comment supporting something problematic that is not getting compensated or gaining anything financially to do so is the same thing is publicly & privately not just yourself, but urging your peers & fans to boycott a billion dollar corporation only for you the following year to sign a multi year financial deal with that organization?

      3. And it seems to not register with you that they are both coons. Nor are you acknowledging her supporting a slave play. I said what I said.

      4. They are both supporting anti-blackness. Did you really need that spelt that out for you?

      5. You’re trying to accuse me of being a fan when I have been dissed on both Camel and Giselle yet you’re a whole Rihanna stan who acts like she does no wrong. Hypocrisy must be a thing for the navy ;(

  2. Jayz is a blooclaat fassy. For years he never got involved now he’s taking a seat at the table. He is cold and calculating.

    1. I don’t know what the first part of your statement meant, but I definitely agree about him being cold and calculating.

  3. Imnglad j. Cole an Rih are speaking up about it- but theyre under contract and jay will maKe his coin off their names- they will have no choice but to perform if he says so.

  4. It’s probably cheaper for Monica and her husband to remain in the same household, plus I’m sure it’s good for the kids. Or so they think 🤷🏾‍♀️

  5. Poor Katie…I really like Big Sean & Jhene- however I do not know either personally so I can’t begin to imagine what their relationship is like.

  6. Now I know that without a shadow of doubt that he took that deal for the money. He encounter everyone else to turn down anything to do with the nfl then takes the same deal offered to jd. That check looked very nice I’m sure smh 🤦🏽‍♀️ All we can do now is see if he keeps word.

    1. I can believe it…I don’t put anything past a man that beats his woman. I’m sure the abuse trickled down to the kids in some form.

  7. Why is anyone surprised? Tgis is the same person that some how got into the executive office at Def Jam. Next thing you know no more Mos Def, DMX, LL Cool J, etc. Which one was he better than, NONE of those. Next thing you know they are gone and he is the top rapper. No one remembers that song when LL called him ugly said he looked like a camel? DMX was rapping high all along came out with back to back albums until J comes along & now its a problem. Mos Def aint even Mos Def anymore.

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