October 5, 2022

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81 thoughts on “HoeTails – Oh, They Smashed Before? 5/14/19

    1. They say that’s why some women can’t shake bi-sexual and downlow men because they know exactly what to do to you in the bedroom 🤷🏾‍♀️

  1. That’s crazy! The industry side chicks seem live better stable lives then main chicks. They sleep with the industry and still get taken cared of longer than the wife! Hollywood is weird. It’s starting to spill over into non- Hollywood life.

      1. Oh shit..my slow ass thought it meant he actually had a house..thanks for breaking it down

  2. Oh lawd 😫😫 now I can’t stop thinking about Common’s “I Want You” video… tell me he’s not that bold to make a music vid out of the situation??!!!

    1. And when I read that part I thought “that makes sense she is short like a little girl” and they did the “feeling on your booty” video together

    2. Hell yeah! That Capricorn 🍆 ain’t no joke! I should know. I had to get two outpatient surgeries from the SeaGoat I am dealing with now. LOL! 😂😂😂😂😂

  3. Dang karate put up with a lot with my ex baby daddy Christopher Maurice Brown I’m glad she’s happy with
    The new guy
    And question is this ammika and Chris romance real or is he lonely?

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  5. G can u do a story on Steve Harvey and his wife? Its alot of talk about them for the past few days…him losing two shows and a book coming out…would love this tea!

    1. I came here to post the same exact thing! What’s up with Steve, his shows canceling and being replaced by another host, and his marriage.

      1. Yeah I heard they aren’t legally married because he couldn’t legally divorce his previous wife. He would’ve had to pay her too much money.

    1. She did! They had get Kidada real quick cause homegirl was a serious tomboy back in the day. When it came to her bestie, Kidada didn’t play no games. Rashida and Q3 had to get their sister. Til this day, you don’t see Ananda anywhere. That ho already know what time it is.

      1. Wow! And isn’t Ananda in the music video for Aaliyah’s “I Miss You” that was turned into a tribute video?

  6. This sugar was too much! Keenan got a house in Virginia? 👀

    Did Fat Joe treat Emily better than Fab?

    I can’t even be mad at the women who fell for Bryce he was so fine

    Not that I condone it but Rosci’s radar for men with real money is on point.

    1. I heard that Bryce Wilson used to date HeyFranHey. She’s on the Friend Zone podcast and used to be a frequent Youtuber and also kinda sings. It’s funny cause she kinda gives off Amel Larrieux vibes.

  7. Lawddd… a couple of these made me dry heave in my mouth. Robin Givens and Howard Stern? Ewwww. Michael DeLorenzo…I always got gay or at minimum bi leaning heavily to gay vibes from him.

    Tom Cruise with ANY woman sounds odd to me. He is another that I’ve never gotten straight vibes about.

    Emily and Joe? Hasn’t Joe been married for like…ever? Is he Taina’s father?


  9. SUGAR BABIES! READ THIS! I remember back in the Jacky Jasper did a blind item y’all. Brace yourselves for this! How about Malik Yoba and Michael DeLorenzo were actually DL LOVERS!! Remember New York Undercover? Malik said the the title gave us a big ole clue and none of us paid it attention. That is why he and his ex-wife got a divorce y’all! WELL I BE DAMNED! 😂😂😂😂😂

      1. I read that Malik is very flamboyant and he has to check it whenever he’s out in public, especially with press and such. Nothing surprises me anymore but at the time it tripped me all the way out.

    1. Means the dick had you hypnotized, in a trance because it was so good. So good you’ll do anything to get it again and again.

  10. Halle and Warren. Jesus, I wasn’t expecting that. Pam Grier poured her own tea about Freddie Prinze Senior in her book. I think I remember her talking about how kind hearted he was but he dealt with other demons like drugs. It’s been a while since I read it.

    I heard about Penelope and Selma before disnmissed it as somebody’s fantasy. There goes my confirmation lol. Damn and Tom was once in the middle of it. Chile…

    Who hasn’t smashed Rocsi, is the question…

    Joe Budden’s ass has gotten around low key. It must be the voice because everything else about him seems trash.

  11. Once again Gina has piping hot tea! I was wondering too about Steve Harvey and if he pissed off the elites to now he’s lost 2 shows.

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