October 4, 2022

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62 thoughts on “Industry Parties – Article 2 : I Can’t Believe My Eyes

      1. Yes! The last name and his ambiguity – white and black wome love him. Least = Moore.
        I kept thinking if Less = Moore, like Demi, then maybe.

  1. Rih just oozes sex appeal & has this confidence about her that’s unmatched & she knows it too. No wonder everyone wants to sleep with her & so many women hate on her

    1. She did a whole film about African refugees my friend was in it with her and she looked after him and has hooked him up with other Hollywood opportunities. I’m not saying it can’t be her but just saying she’s not only worked with black actors on set but off set socialises with them. I think he spent thanksgiving with her also.

    2. I’m I’m not mistaken, she had some type if run in with the law and she was acting crazy. I think she said some racial things. If I’m not mistaken

  2. The Racist Could Be
    Rachel Wittington = Reese Weitherspoon?!?… ‘Polly Pure” image = ‘Legally Blonde’ image?!?

  3. Although she did that for my friend I’m aware that many celebrities have racist tendencies but as it’s not good for their public image they try to hide it. I feel as though as the states allowed slavery much longer than Britain who had black royalty and Nobel men there is a supremacy complex within white america more than most countries in the world. I travel and have never had any racist problems while doing so excluding the security at lax who was a black male and was so buzzing off his power he treated me awfully and even his white coworker asked what his problem was. He said I was suspicious because I was black!! He’s black wtf! The white guy said to complain he’d support me and he does that to black women regularly maybe he gets hard time with girls and his job is only place he feels superior

  4. Oh and a white police officer pulled us over and was mad aggressive until we spoke with our British accent then he changed his whole attitude. My mr was driving a Lamborghini so they probably thought he was dodgy.

  5. Senegalese Singer/Actor Aaron : Akon
    Briella: Rihanna
    Brian Patterson: Brad Pitt
    Adrian Jensen: Angelina Jolie
    Ted Shipp: Tom Cruise
    Penyata Shipp: Peneople Ann Cruz
    Milsa Wolf: Megan Fox
    Brad Anton Redd: Brian Austin Green
    Jason Thunderburke: Justin Timberlake
    Shakur Least: Mo’s Def
    Rachel Whittington: Reese Witherspoon
    Gina Powell: Gwyneth Paltrow
    Dina Less: Demi Moore
    Boyfriend name starts with an A: Ashton Kutcher
    Gina’s husband snuck off in the back with Briella: Chris Martin

  6. Love these industry parties storied but this one I think was the best so far. Only because we got to see how these white folks partied. So Ashton and Demi were swingers huh? I definitely can see that.Tom Cruise throws these parties too? Wow…I would love to hear the scoop on him

  7. I always have to read the story, then read the comments for the names, then go bac again and the truth story 😂. Thanks y’all

  8. 🤣🤣love it..thanks y’all , I literally get a pen and pad to write down who is who and go back and read it with the correct names🤣🤣..thanks for helping a sista out

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