August 15, 2022

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32 thoughts on “Ariana & Pete Having Problems?

  1. Her relationships are so weird! Seemed like they were so ‘in love’ at the awards ceremony. Guess it seems that way in all her relationships though. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  2. Yuck. He is disgusting. Why does she get with such ugly ass guys. How did she go from a sexy man like big sean to raggedy crackheads. Yucky. The elitea are failing… pit her with someone better.

  3. Does she have a drug a problem too? I mean I feel like she has to have something in common with these type of guys?

    1. someone like him who i only worth 500k while she is worth 45 million? yes ir a bunch of rituals i a small amount of time. A video getting his ass popped maybe

      1. Well he needs to let her go..Why is he desperate to be with her?? that Boy needs to be content with his 500k net worth…Invest in other legal ways to bring that net worth up

    1. Idk why this is so funny to me 😭😭😭 I hope not 😂 they didn’t put them together that’s why they r done with her now 🤷🏾 keep it intact Meek 😂😂😂😂😂.We need answers 😂😂😂😂.

  4. I’m really trying to like Ariana, but I don’t 😩… I do agree she needs to be paired better though, Pete yuck 🤢

    1. She’s said it doesn’t make sense to sacrifice someone you aren’t close with or is your opposition— that’s not a sacrifice. Someone you care for and love would be a sacrifice.

    2. I feel like he sacrificed himself. he needed a sacrifice if he wanted to go big, but wasn’t up for it. Didn’t want to sacrifice none of his friends or family, so he chose himself

  5. I wonder why no one calls her a hoe? BC she looks innocent? That coochie never gets to rest and sis cheats 😂😂😂 like idk how she dodging the title of being a thot.

    1. Taylor didn’t either and then when people did it was “bullying”. The worst she got about her is that she can’t keep a man. If you’re white you’re just “unlucky in love”

      1. I forgot about that! Well a white American sweetheart lmao they really are racist as hell 😅

    2. I said the same thing! Word has been she been putting it out since them Nickelodeon days but people still label her as a sweetheart when fact of the matter is she might just be like a lot of other girls, willing to smash and suck to get ahead with no shame period! But I bet it’s because the elites push that defend her honor crap on people so much that of course the masses aren’t gonna see it for what it is that is until she does something to piss people off like with that donut crap she did. Then she has to fuck and suck one more to get back in good graces like I think G said before.

  6. G, can you give us the story on Karen Civil? I’m not sure I understand her role in Hollywood. Also, they’re now blasting pics all over of Karen leaving Mac’s house in tears because she supposedly was the one that discovered his body.

  7. I feel like She have a drug problem herself which wouldn’t be far fetched considering the things they have and still putting her through her head all messed up… She was high as a kite for Aretha funeral, its so sad

  8. yep you said it he do be looking like he in something now he wasn’t like that when he was on wild n out… he would kiss the ground she walked on just to say he got the girl

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