September 29, 2022

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19 thoughts on “PR Diaries The Whispers Out here In these Pr Skreets

  1. Yes, Britney had a thing for black men, but her handlers were not having it.

    Supposedly, she got an abortion with Columbus in 2003, and that’s when she started to go crazy. The quickie Vegas marriage with no pre-nup was done on purpose as a blatant fuck you to her handlers. Britney never cared about the money or the fame.

    1. So she did have an abortion?!?!? Gina, can you confirm her abortion and from who the baby daddy was? I read it was JT but this is interesting that it could be Columbus Short!!!

    1. You can see it in her face . She used to be vibrant always smiling now when you see her she looks stressed and tired . Poor Brit ! I hope she finds her inner peace someday

  2. Just sad how they treat her & to know your parents care more about money then they do & your well-being. Just wrong on so many levels! No way out b/c even in death they’re still working you!

  3. That’s just sad.. I was a kid during those days and loved Brit.. when she had her “meltdown”, I was in middle school, & even I noticed a huge difference between her fame & popularity… Brit was THE HBIC!!!

  4. I thought she did work with pharell. Wasn’t he the one who produced Boys and slave 4 u? I thought that was a Neptune’s beat

  5. Hey I can’t keep up with what’s posted or even track when it was posted I no longer receive email notifications of new tea can this be fixed? I happened to come on here looking for the Monica Brandy tea and I’ve missed a load of new posts …. 🙁

  6. Previously I would read the stories through my email or click the link in the email and it would take me directly to the page. It seems that feature has gone away as I receive no emails now.

  7. 😢 I’ve always loved Britney. I remember being out on the desert ALL night in a Brit/Planet Hollywood t-shirt and flipping poster boards for the GMA cameras when she announced her Vegas residency. I hope she finds peace and true happiness one day.

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