October 6, 2022

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72 thoughts on “Quincy Jones

      1. stop right there lol im from hollis and that line had nothing to do with trannys lmao yall are buggin that is what we used to say in hollis when shit was about to go down we got that from ll and the get yours posse HE sheee its like oh shittt lmao dont put that on LL that man aint never been gay back in the day now has it changed since he been in hollywood? I dont know but he was definitely noy gay back then now remember he is 16 years older then me but when i first saw him i was 14 he was 30 and i never heard that stuff about him

      2. That man is down low !! You did hear but I know for a fact . I put this on my daughter life ! My older cousin T came home one around 91 I was around 9 ( young enough not to be listening but old enough to understand ) . T came home very upset and very mad . He then told his sister how at his friend J house which was like a hang out spot . Anyway Tells how they were all chilling in the basement and about 4 other guys and LL was there as well ( he was friends with J’s older brother) . I’m young so I don’t remember clear details but I will never forgot what he said next ! A faggot walks in and starts giving the older guys neck . T and J were teenagers so they were shocked and confused as to what was going on J’s older brother tells them to chill and just relax it’s not gay it’s just head. He said his friend J walks back towards them and he ran for dear life out that basement and ran home . Whether or not you believe this I don’t have a reason to lie

  1. Ugh, yes you are preaching to the choir G!!! I’ve always known he was on bullshit!! You posted about him doing that mess with LL and Tupac on IG a while ago too.

  2. I remember Tracey Spencer. She won star search as a child. She put out one album and She just disappeared. I actually brought the CD. It’s not like she’s not talented. You consistently keep me woke!

    1. She is on a hiatus! That suicide attempt messed that girl up!!! Me and Tracie are the same age. And back then, we really wasn’t even thinking about the highs and the lows of the industry. Shittttttt…we was all vibin to music that was coming out. Nobody wasn’t even thinking about that then especially in the industry. Military yeah! Entertainment business? No!

  3. It’s crazy bc 2 weeks ago I googled Tracy Spencer- I remember her and always wondered why she disappeared. I always thought someone had molested Tevin…just had no idea it was Q..he’s a sick old bastard.

    1. I got one better! Remember the song ‘Tomorrow (A Better You, A Better Me) came out on Q’s ‘Back On The Block’ album? Remember Tevin was singing on the song but there is a video of it. Now Jamiee Foxsworth who played Judy on ‘Family Matters’ was in that video. Now if anything, she too would know who else got molested by Q. She ended up doing porn because her parents went thru her money. She might be a victim as well.

  4. Not Tracy I loved her tender kisses was my song…. I’m telling you his time is coming that’s why he saying what he saying or “they ” say spill tea and you will live.. He talking cash money about ppl that if was Herr will have you ended

  5. Well Q, why didn’t you stepped in for Al B Sure! when Diddy sent that threat to him over your godson? Huh Q? Al came to you and pleaded with you to talk to Diddy about getting Lil Quincy from Diddy clutches! Q, YOU AIN’T SHIT!!!!

      1. Nothing. They sweeped that one under the rug like Janet Jackson’s first pregnancy. Now I can screenshot that belly!

      1. Diddy wanted Kim Porter at that time, but she was seeing Al and they just had a son. He threatened Al and told him to stay away from Kim and their son or he would ended up being dead.

  6. I would NOT be surprise if Tevin Campbell reemerges from “has been” to FINALLY tell his story of sexual abuse once Q’s passes on…
    Maybe we can get it sooner thanks to the #MeToo movement

    1. I think he just replied via social media saying it wasn’t true and to leave him out of it. Unfortunately if we want the true, I don’t think we’ll ever hear Tevin’s side of the story.

  7. I mentioned to a friend has he heard the Quincy Jones interview and what he was saying about certain artist and the first thing out his mouth was “Quincy Jones is gay” I hadn’t mentioned much but he said it. I’m like damn everybody knew but me.

  8. You can look at Tevin’s face and tell he has been through so much. Poor thing. The industry really fucked him up. I loved Tracie Spencer as a kid! Had her album “Make the difference” on repeat. She has totally fell the fuck off the earth. I believe she hasn’t made a public appearance since her last album…and that was around 1999-2000. I was sad and shocked to read about Q old dusty ass messing with her. I always thought she was one of the ones who left unscathed.

  9. Wow😐 that’s to much! I gotta try the good first!?! Really nigga lol , he lucky he still bad teeth!!

  10. Quincy is useless and he knows it ! He is letting the industry know they can’t take him out quietly because he knows all their secrets . But his time is near …He is so arrogant and such a fool boasting about others but he forgot to include his Gay Ass was the orgies getting fucked by Brando too and many others …

  11. I heard about Tracy S. But I remember the rumors well with Tupac . And he fucked Tevin Cambell all the way up smh . Mrs. Jones as I call him.. is a real piece of work smh . A WHOLE sellout

  12. Wowwww I always wondered what happened to Tracy Spencer her voice was so beautiful!!! Q is a fucked up human!!!!

  13. G, are you ever going to drop some sugar in JLo? Especally aince Benny Medina is her “manager”, now I’m wondering if she fucks him and he is her “handler”. I know when she married Marc Anthony, she dropped Medina as a manager. Now im wondering about her and her success and million relationships

  14. I always wonder what happen to Traci Spencer, I remember her from Star search and they used to play tender kisses on the ready all the time …my mum always said Quincy was fruitier than fruity pebbles

  15. I think is so funny that everybody think his tea that he shared is so hot, but they just don’t know yours is that good herbal tea

  16. I mean you basically said what I thought when I read the stupid interview. Quincy Jones thinks he is slick, blabbing about everyone else. Please check yourself.

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