July 2, 2022

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58 thoughts on “P.R Diaries. The Stories That Was Whispered About On These Pr Skreets

  1. The only queen of hip hop r&b I know of is MJB. And she did sniff some coke and get drunk. Who’s her king? Wait K-ci? Jodeci? Eating ass? Who’s the girls crew?

    1. Thank you! I was waiting for someone to decode this hahaha

      So now we just need to figure out the girl from a girl group

      1. Yes this makes sense. I was trying to think of what acronym HC/hot chocolate would stand for. But Coko makes sense. Thanks!

  2. Why did this story have to be in codes 😩. You put stories like these on Instagram and gave us the names of the celebrities.

  3. An but for real lol I got it ..
    Mary was gangsta back then but then again I heard coco was a lil crazy too so idk lol 🍵

  4. Coco to me is Chilie from TLC. T Boz did date Dalvin for a minute. They were all out and had hits at the same time. Jodeci Mary J and TLC. Escape we’re known as ugly they said it themselves on their show. SWV not in the same lane as late 90’s r&b groups. These are my thoughts.

  5. I remember something on The unsung episode of SWV, that mentioned the girls lived in the same apartment as some members from Jodeci.

  6. Queen of hip hop and R&B is mjb and k I’m guessing is kc… But he was drinking hot chocolate part I’m lost we know kc was a alcoholic but what’s hot chocolate

  7. funny….i heard he had a fling with Lee Lee….
    SWV’s Unsung they made mention that SWV moved into the same high rise as Jodeci….

  8. At first I thought she was talking about Mary and Diddy… I was thinking someone who managed a male group lol….. but did they ever mess around or a drive by lol ?

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