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The Truth Behind The Secret Relationship Of Tupac and YoYo

That’s right, I said Tupac and Yo-Yo.  A lot of yall didn’t know this was even going on. So around 1991, Tupac and Yo-Yo met at a studio session, and there was something about Yo-Yo and Pac that just was like animal instinct.  So he asked her what she was doing there she told him that she had a session with Cube, and Pac was like, “Yeah, let me get your number. I may need a ‘SEX-SION.’” Yo-Yo was like, “You may need a what?” Pac just said, “I may need a studio session with you,” and they both started laughing. Yo-Yo said, “That’s what I thought.” So from that on, they started kicking it.

Yo-Yo was always like “I don’t usually like short dudes or skinny dudes, but you definitely got my interest.” You see what happened to Yo-Yo is what happened to a lot of women that met Tupac face to face. They found out he was a totally different person then what they see on t.v., and what they hear on record.  His intelligence was his sex appeal and he spoke to you with his eyes. Dem damn eyes were hypnotizing. Funny thing is that is what he said about Yo-Yo. He used to love her eyes. Yo-Yo ironically was on the original version of “Dear Mama.” She was on the record and hardly anyone knew that, but they could not get the record cleared because he used some record that she was on with Ice Cube where he sampled her voice.

So when Pac got shot, Pac’s sister actually called Yo-Yo. Even though Pac was engaged to Kidada, the family knew he was messing with Yo-Yo for years and they were very close. Even during the times he had a girl and she had a man, it was like, “I’ll see you when I see you and when I do see you, it’s on and cracking.” Pac would brush anybody off for Yo-Yo with the exception of Lisa (Left Eye) or Jada.  So Yo-Yo flew out immediately and went to the hospital. At first they would not let her in, but the family said, “No, she is family.” Yo-Yo said the moment she saw him, she knew this time was going to be different. And no matter how strong he was, his head was so swollen, it was the size of a watermelon. She just sat with him and she kept asking him, “Pac can you hear me? Can you hear me?” She said he tried to open his eyes, he tried his hardest, but he had no black left in his eyes. She said she looked under the cover and his middle finger was blown off. Yo-Yo said at that point in time she had to tell him, “I love you, Pac. I have loved you from the first day I saw you.” Then they told her that she had to leave and Pac started moaning like he didn’t want her to go. She said he was trying to tell her that he loved her too. Yo-Yo said when she left, she knew she would never see him again. 

All the way to Tupac’s death bed, nobody knew about their relationship except his sister. However, it was a relationship that they both held dear to their heart.