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Even though Aretha Franklin was never officially on Motown, she always gets mistaken for a Motown artist. Probably due to the fact that Berry Gordy pursued her heavy when she was young. Berry wanted to not only sign her but to ” Lay the wood” to her as they used to say.    Aretha signed with RCA records.  For years Berry Gordy tried to sign her he knew she was going to be an ” all-time”

Had numerous rumored affairs with Men on the Motown label ( was said to be fuckin both David Ruffin and Eddie Kendricks

Ended up having a long affair with her mentor Sam Cooke. *Her mother, Barbara, abandoned the family when she was 6, then died a few years later leaving Aretha, her sister’s Carolyn and Erma, and brothers Cecil and Vaughan to be raised by their bible-thumping father, a prominent preacher Rev. Clarence Le Vaughan Franklin.

Was a victim of domestic violence, abuse, and Incest.  Rev. C.L. Franklin ( her father) fornicated with gospel singer Clara Ward for many years and was good friends with Rev. James Cleveland(a closeted gay pedophile preacher who molested dozen of his young male church members and infected many with AIDS before he died with the disease himself in 1991).  We will have that sugar as well later down the line when we cover ” The truth behind the gospel music world”

Her father used to throw orgies in the church basement some girl all girl some all men and some both  Ray Charles used to comment on it. 

She fabricated stories about mystery lovers and released those stories to the press just to keep her name in print.( such a pr thing to do 🙂 I got this sugar directly from her old publicist  RIPBarbara Shelley)

And perhaps most complicatedly of all, she came from a home where her father was a promiscuous gospel preacher whose church was a front for orgies which Ray Charles was to describe as a ‘sex circus’.

So questionable was his behavior that when Franklin became pregnant at the age of just 12 – her sexuality apparently awakened by the scene her father promoted – that rumors swirled around Detroit that the preacher was the father to her child.

Aretha has had bitter feuds with  Barbara Streisand, Diana Ross, and Patti Labelle. Aretha was very jealous of those 3   She also never liked Tina Turner and she allegedly called  Giselle a “clueless Bitch” when she referred to ” Tina Turner as the queen

In 2003, her son, Edward was under investigation for setting fire to one of her mansions in Bloomfield Township, MI when police discovered him smelling of smoke and found traces of flame accelerant on his clothing close the scene of the crime. The arson charges were later dropped due to lack of evidence and because Aretha, her friend/employee/former fire chief, and Edward’s lover George West wouldn’t cooperate with the police and prosecutors.

It is a well-known rumor that Edward is strung out on drugs and alcohol, openly gay and infected with AIDS and has resented his mother for years because he was molested by her ex-husband, actor Glynn Turman when he was younger. ( A different world Glyn Turman  who also used to beat the shit out of her)

When I asked Barbara and 2 more relatives about Aretha they said ” nympho Liar that lived an unhealthy life of booze. sex and fried chicken” They also stated that out of everyone  maybe except Patti  she was the most talented vocalist”

We have more coming up   when we do the truth about the 10 most famous female vocalist ever

Special thanks to my girl who posted 3 of these nuggets on Lipstick Alley and Barbara confirmed all 3 back when I spoke to her  when I saw it on LA a couple of years later so I know it’s pretty solid info


Thank you to Jayde Jennis for the research on the other stuff