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The Truth Behind Tupac’s Song to Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes


People tried to always tell me of all people. The woman that studied Tupac for years after his death and went and spoke to over 50 people who knew him and got stories from them. People tried to tell me this song was not about Lisa when it clearly was. That was their relationship when She was with Andre and she would always turn him down because of Andre. Pac found out she was getting beat by Andre. In this song he called her Ebony  which according to his sister is what he called “Left Eye”  Pac knew Andre so that is why he said in the song ” drama with me and your man” because he had approached Pac one time about Lisa and because Pac did not want to cause Lisa any trouble he said ” Nah that’s my homegirl” I listen to this song and he says things like “our destiny to be together”   That is what they talked about . Their last conversation when she was messing with someone in death row ( people say Suge) and Pac was engaged to Kidada. Pac and Lisa had a conversation in 1992 and she told Pac ” OK 10 years if in 10 years we still feel the same way fuck it we gonna together forever fuck everyone else”  Pac and Lisa made a pact  He died in 1996 she died in 2002 10 years after they made that pact. She kept her promise”