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One of My favorite stories to tell was when I was doing research on Public relations and I studied how the Publicist back in the Day used to “Fix” things  I remember talking to Motown’s first Pr Agent Al Abrams. I remember talking to him because he started at 18. A young Jewish kid on an all black label. I also spoke to Bob Jones years ago. He was the first Black Pr on Motown.  Because it was years later and some of the stories had leaked out they elaborated on some stuff and how they tried to fix it. However, Motown was known as “Messy Motown” according to Al because there were some messes going on.

Diana Ross was said to have slept her way all the way up the ladder. Starting with Smokey Robinson the main songwriter, and best friend Berry Gordy (she had a baby with him.) she then went to Brian Holland who used to write the hits for the Supremes. Diana and Brian was in a nightclub in Detroit one night and Brian’s wife came storming in and beat Diana’s ass and left her in her panties”   

I think there were a couple of books and memoirs written later by other females in the game and also other supremes that did not like Diana. A lot of the females coming up in those days says she was a whore and a hater.

AL said  code words ” abortion  we said they had pneumonia

Drug Problem was the dehydration and the Flu”   It is amazing to see that some of the same tactics older PR people used. still held true when I was trying to become a pr. Study your craft and study the ones that came before you.


We will be having more Motown stories  going forward cause man do I have some sugar




The Truth Behind the Beef Between Liz Taylor and Debbie Reynolds



6-taylor-fisher-reynoldsIf you think the Beef now between Hollywood stars and Rappers and the Female artist is crazy? It’s nothing compared to what they use to call ” the Golden Years”. Starlets battling for the most time on the screen, prestige, money and of course MEN.

                 Liz Taylor and Debbie Reynolds used to be BFF’S, but that all changed when Liz seduced Debbie’s Husband  Eddie Fischer. Liz reportedly told Eddie ” “divorce the bitch or we’re done” within 2 months Eddie Left  Debbie and Married Liz  At the time Debbie had just had a son and they already had a daughter ( Carrie Fisher who went on to star in Star Wars as the Princess) All the newspapers (imagine if there was Social Media?) branded Taylor as the “Hollywood  Homewrecker” and Fisher who was a singer   watched his career go down the tubes. For years they would try not to book Reynolds and Taylor in the same place. Soon after Taylor cheated on Fischer and left him for Richard Burton.

It took nearly 50 Years for these 2 to ” Bury The Hatchet” They even reunited on-screen in Taylor’s final movie role in the 2001 comedy These Old Broads. Written by Carrie Fisher, the movie contains numerous inside references, including Liz and Debbie’s characters mocking their common ex-lover “Freddie.”