October 4, 2022

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6 thoughts on “Hot Takes: Which Woman Did Ime Udoka Cheat on Nia Long With?

  1. Yeah it’s her!!! I cannot believe he fucked up his entire universe for her Casey Anthony lookin ass 🤬. When will these brothers learn “If she can’t use our combs you don’t take her home”

  2. IDK ALLEDGEDLY but this type situation is too typical for it to require a full season ban , were some ” taste the rainbow ” activities going on too ? This week the coach of the 76ers got put on blast + Khole ex husband too SMDH !

    1. G
      Dark Secrets of N@s and K3l!s Marriage Part 2 actually might have something to do with whats happening with this situation now ?

      IDK ALLEDGEDLY but this coach might be on the top 10 in NBA well endowed list IDK , so all these women were going to take a risk in order to find out SMDH !

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