October 4, 2022

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5 thoughts on “Hot Takes 9/20/2022

  1. What’s up with all these now older guys after Young Miami?

    Cardi ain’t playing. (LOL)

    Hopefully August isn’t shamed by online trolls and stands up for himself.

    So we all know Tory is lying, no need to question that, but….the real question is how come no one has put the paws on him? He needs his ass kicked.

  2. Yung Miami been had future! He’s the one one that gave her that name before she made it big. They was messing around before she made it

  3. Troy just helped even more for Meg to Win her case!?Cardi was going to work something out wit Tasha but Tasha kept running her mouth and I already know what was coming 🥴

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