October 4, 2022

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10 thoughts on “9/19/2022 Hot Takes

  1. I like the City Girls, I think JT is a good rapper but I wonder if they’ll allow the industry to separate them permanently? I hope not, I feel like they’re more powerful together, but I’m not sure they realize that.

  2. Yeah they’re definitely split up. Caresha real adamant on saying she doesn’t rap anymore(even as a joke). Once uzi brought jt out at the ending of his show I knew they were about to push her as a solo artist.

  3. JT raps better than Miami anyways so we all saw that one coming. Gigi bout to get her heartbroken. I kinda think Rih is trolling us but you never know. She might release some new music in about two years.

  4. JT always been the lyricist of the group she will DEF do perfectly well as a solo artist IM EXCITED FOR HER‼️‼️😍😍

    PS: I didn’t even know that was a humiliation ritual 🫢🫢

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