October 4, 2022

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12 thoughts on “Sugar Bullets Tuesday Alicia Keys part 2

    1. There was something between Nicki and Swizz, can’t remember if they went all the way but he’d def be flirty with her and if I remember correctly Alicia walked in on them while he was tryna get at her. It was on the blog like last year

  1. So basically Alicia was out there smashing chicks left and right… Bey and Kelly Rowland, Eve, Kerry Washington, Olivia (which they were both signed to J Records) but Stella McCartney tho? 👀…. Also for some reason I always thought Swizz Alicia and Mashonda were involved in a threesome type thing..something was also odd about that situation…. We need more Alicia Keys info… actually was there a bullet points on Missy?

  2. Why would she be paid to be with swizz tho? It seems like if she just needed a beard they would have put her with a unmarried man if that were true. That whole mistress thing hurt her career didn’t help at all

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