October 4, 2022

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17 thoughts on “Sugar Bullets Tuesdays: Alicia Keys

  1. Are you going to talk about Swizz getting caught with a dude … as well minus well spill all the tea l… her with girls and him getting caught with a dude

  2. Come on y’all! What season is this!! I knew she was aggressive when I came to women! I wonder if SB had a 3some with his ex mishonda. Was he attracted to her though? cause he kept cheating! Did she pay off his bills or did the handlers do that? Keep going y’all!

  3. Alicia’s voice ain’t been the same since she got with Swizz. I think that’s karma for being with another woman’s husband.

  4. Strap on’s no thanks rather have the real thing
    She and swizz marriage is a joke she and teyana need to come out already

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