September 29, 2022

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10 thoughts on “Hot Takes 9/1/2022 Fab and Danilegh: Only Friends?

  1. Coco Jones is gorgeous, wife her up Klay. I didn’t know sacrifices could take this long. I think JHud show will only last two seasons.

  2. Fab was just in Philly local social media for sleeping with this lady name jenn1 off instagram. They say her and Emily b fell out about it.

  3. Drake is so traumatized lol at this point he need to just go ahead and marry Sophie and chalk it up to the game. If he gonna cut women off everytime social media catches wind then he’ll never have a consistent parter. He’s sadly one of those celebs that has his personal life be a topic of discussion no matter how private he tries to be.

    Klay and CoCo?!?! Oooo Chile I am Here for it!!!

  4. I known I can’t stand how Irv was doing all that talking about him and Ashant’s past. I that’s sucka shit but people are reaching calling him a pedo. He is just trying to put little mama in a movie. They act like he was sending her nudes. Cut the bullshit

  5. Isn’t Fab Dominican? They have the culture in common…and apparently she’s into cheaters and Fab has an added bonus, woman beater. 🙄

    1. What’s wrong with her line? And I had no idea she was coming out with one. I mean might as well since signing isn’t doing it.

      I just don’t understand. She got all of that money at her finger tips and nada.

  6. Shai isn’t 13 she’s 11
    And of course Ciara’s networth is gonna go up she sold out. Y’all still want her prayer 😂

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