October 4, 2022

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9 thoughts on “Ann Heche What Really Happened?

  1. There have been a few high profile vehicle accidents resulting in casualty. In Heche’s and the fire crash that killed 6 people, both cars were flying at a crazy high speed. Almost like that was being operated remotely. In the Heche video it’s firemen taking her to the ambulance instead of actual EMS.

  2. They are really something else, man. Why can’t these people be stopped? Especially in this day and age where people are more aware (thanks to you, G, and some YT truthers who have now had their channels taken away). The shit is sick and satanic they way they operate.

    Larry Johnson shows a good breakdown of the germatria numbers on this post >> https://www.instagram.com/p/ChPdMfqO_4F/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=<< Now from what I read, her movie will still air. So why TF kill her? You said it was an industry sacrifice versus a blood sacrifice and I honestly forgot the difference. Sorry about that. Can you explain the difference again? Or I could just go back thru the vault.

  3. I felt a definite industry sacrifice. Yet in this video her back isn’t burned. Which made me question a lot

  4. She was blackballed for coming out? Why was she blackballed but Ellen went on to become a gatekeeper while they were both credited for being brave enough to be in a lesbian relationship at the time they were in one due to it being so taboo at the time? Idk im Gonna assume the blackballing took place after all that especially if she had plans to expose trafficking meanwhile Ellen was participating in it allegedly

    1. Because Anne flipped. Yeah, she was down in the beginning, her and Ellen being together and etc. But she went rogue and started spilling industry tea. Elites didn’t like it. Blackmailed her. And now she’s dead.

  5. Idk, I see from both sides. 1. Anne was sexual assault. She knows all the dirty tea about the industry. And she used drugs to cope, which led to her demise.
    2. It was a industry hit because she was about to spill said dirty tea to the public and the elites couldn’t have that.
    Either way you cut it, whether you choose one or two, the industry is responsible.

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