October 4, 2022

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14 thoughts on “Spilling Sugar On Everybody 8-14-2022

  1. I wouldn’t be surprised if Ellen had something to do with Anne. She hasn’t been wrapped too tight when they were together and since they broke up. I’m old so I remember when that tea came out about them.

  2. Why is Paris sucking off Chris Brown and not committed? Talk about not understanding your family’s legacy. Has to be a mind fuck for Chris.

    Irv needs to just shut up. I’ve never been more annoyed so fast by a grown ass man.

  3. Roc nation needs to leave a new mother alone! Maybe if Jayz and bey hadn’t leaked anti and stopped her doc she’d wouldn’t be saying f them

  4. This blog is full of it!!! Nicki is rapping because that’s what she do and has always done! When are u gonna talk about cardi doing things and hiding her hands? Didn’t she just tell the barbs to “go stream” ? Didn’t cardi throw shot on her song HoT Piss? But anyway I think mr, petty will make sure nicki is good 😌.

  5. Wait a minute I ain’t know Ja Rule was messing with Serena, that was a shocker. Yea Ashanti is smart for not talking, she ain’t ready for people to know what she’s done in the dark.

  6. This blog is great…except for the animosity towards Nicki. Nobody talked about how Cardi was stalking Nicki (with video proof) back in 2021. Following her topics, screenshots of Nicki in her phone, only fighting her fans. Like be fr I know ppl see her doing that stuff…is Nicki just supposed to ignore everything??

  7. Y’all do remember y’all were the ones telling us mustang sally did something to nicki but now everyone got amnesia

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