October 4, 2022

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8 thoughts on “Friday Ask G The Sugar Is In The Answers

  1. And Beyonce can’t really dance like that. She can do choreography & perform, but she’s not a natural dancer so of course ain’t nobody asking her to choerography their shit. Even her own husband knows this 💀💀

    1. Girl i hot dejavu reading this. This the same shit I noticed over the years. And she sings the same in every song.

  2. Pause…Dreka caught Kevin sleeping with Dj BWA Ron⁉️😳 Shut the front door…now that is tea. Please tell more

  3. I got another one! Becky G collaborated with J-Hope on the chicken noodle soup remix and not only did they get dragged for culture appropriation now BTS done went on hiatus and I ain’t seen J-Hope since roflmfao jkjk that curse stuff is hilarious. Not biggie died a week after she was brown rofl

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