October 4, 2022

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10 thoughts on “Hot Takes 8-7-2022

  1. Do they specifically tell doja that its for mk ultra programming or tell her its for something else to try and trick her? Hmmmm

    I came across a blind a couple years ago that mentioned Kylie had a really BIG secret she was keeping and I have always guessed it was about her daughter and maybe paying off Tyga to not say anything but then I thought, would tyga really keep that a secret? . Eeeek!

  2. Bye giving fake urine been a thing😂😂😂. Like who mad about that.

    Mystikal is very wild. Master p wilder. Did master p have to pay the elites? Other than cmurder being locked up.

    Good for Pete and Kim.

  3. Kylie must be scared of the embarrassment of not knowing who her Babydaddy is and naming Travis the dad when he wasn’t cause that’s quite ghetto…or she doesn’t wanna be attached to tyga forever since he broke her heart when she was in love (and groomed) by that man. Hell or she don’t wanna add more mess to the Kylie/tyga/Chyna triangle by sharing a Babydaddy with the same chick who also has a baby with her brother. It would be giving sweet home Alabama.

    Poor Travis probably just thinking of how he raised stormi and still views her as his daughter and she views him as her dad not tyga.

    If tyga could be paid off with money to not be involved with his biological daughter then that says a lot about his character cause I would for sure have been like hey yes this is my daughter and I’m gonna be in her life but Travis could also be a dad role model since he was there since the beginning. Do what y’all want and need but imma see my child. Look at how Diddy is with Quincy even though he’s Al B Sure’ son? It can be done.

  4. I’ve been saying for a long time that Drake should do more acting and behind the scenes work. A Drake documentary would be interesting but they have to tell the whole truth. This ain’t the first time Mystikal has done this. Keep his ass locked up! Oh and I’m disappointed in Master P and Melyssa but we all know the truth comes out eventually. Now that I think about it her and Mariah seem close, unlike her and Rihanna. If I was Mariah I wouldn’t be tripping about it too much though. This was just Beyoncé trying to act friendly, but we all know her acting is sub par. I see right through Lucifer’s favorite singing whore.

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