August 18, 2022

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17 thoughts on “Sugar Cubes Megan Thee Stallion and Nicki Minaj

  1. I really hate this as a woman especially for women of color. Why does it always have to be a competition? The industry circles are small your “friend” is bound to be a friend of a friend. Ever heard of six degrees of separation? I just think it’s petty and immature as hell. There’s no legit beef between any of these women!! SMH!

  2. Megan absolutely sucks rapping so I don’t care what Nicki does to her bc Megan ain’t even close to Nickis level. I’m a Cardi fan for personality and I mess w Cardi bc she gotta better selection of a man to have kids with. But Megan honestly I scroll every time I see her name. Even the industry men don’t want her. Pardi? Be real. I hope Nicki writes an Ether and dismisses Megan. Bc Jayz woukd have to write the lyrics himself to save her – and I doubt he will. Nicki is nasty, thats why Remy had to be the one. Cardi can’t either, and I love her. But a down and out drag out rap competition, for Nicki right now, still none. The truth! Let Asiandoll, Bia, and Some new talent in.

  3. The tune changed like hell on this site. But the fact that megan made a huge deal about writing raps and then switched is weird

    1. I was just about to say that. Megan even shaded cb in that live with Nicki and then next thing you know….they’re besties. Nicki knows what’s happening behind the scenes.

  4. Nicki is almost 40. She needs to get over herself and stop worrying about the next generation of rap girls.

    1. Nicki was not responding to meg, if anything she was subbing cardi who has actually been responding to shit that has Nicki name in it. Megan Pete is letting fans gas her into thinking Nicki cares about her issues with 1501 which is what she was talking about on Twitter before she started assuming people was subbing her haha kinda like how she always thinks Tory and anyone that knows her case is subbing her. Sis gotta quiet her Conscience.

    2. First of she is 39. Second if the was 40 make sure you FABULOUS, RICH, WEALTHY, INTELLIGENT, GORGEOUS INSIDE AND OUT

  5. Y’all totally missed y’all moment to say Nicki was subbing cardi more than anything cause cardi was actually responding to old shit that had Nicki’s name attached to it for like how many days in a row now? On Stationhead or wherever she was at addressing shit with lady leshur and the old tweets that sparked the fight at the met gala..even apparently addressing shit with the fake page that pretended to be a fired Assistant.

    Just because Nicki tweeted at the same time as meg and meg probably assumed she was talking about her is not Nicki’s problem. Why would Nicki care about Meg’s woes with 1501 which is all she was saying at the time on Twitter. If anything meg thought Nicki was talking about her and started subbing and the fans carried it on but that wasn’t the case. Trying to make the shoe fit when it doesn’t.

  6. y’all trying to make it seem like Nicki was subbing meg cause it has her looking like a bothered bully and a hater when meg wasn’t talking about nothing but her label issues. Meanwhile Cardi was talking about 4-5 year old shit that actually pertains to Nicki and it all started with her argument with lady leshur which also has Nicki name attached to it. So because Nicki subbed cardi talking about old shit that doesn’t need to be discussed, y’all trying to make her look like she dissing meg instead cause it look like she bullying her.

    Cardi didn’t have to respond to lady leshur asking about that song, she didn’t have to respond to the claim leshur did where she said she got approached to diss Nicki but rejected it cause that wasn’t even being talked about until her fans brought it up, BUT because cardi probably hates leshur told everybody about that claim cause it looks like she accepted the same offer leshur rejected, she had to get some of that anger off her chest.

  7. I mean y’all acting like Nicki don’t got every reason not to mess with Meg. Granted I don’t like how Nicki is handling it, but I wouldn’t like Meg either. It was Meg that was going out of her way to shade Cardi and the city girls on the live they did then turned around being all buddy buddy. It’s fake and weird. We can say a lot about Nicki but she’s never been the type to smile in people’s faces if she doesn’t really like them. What Meg was doing on that live helped contribute to the beef.

    1. She doesn’t were they friends? She isn’t allowed to work with anyone that Nicki isn’t cool with. No, they had just met she did not owe her loyalty she owed her doing the record that is it

  8. Y’all getting mad at her being called 40 when she literally turns 40 in 4 months, barbz are so sensitive and do the most over nothing 🥴

  9. Let’s keep it real since this blog switched up Megan used Nicki for hot girl Summer and if I was nicki that would annoy me too….she was all fan girling over nicki and praising her and even threw subs at cardi but then turned around and made a song with cardi and said she’s the nicest person she met and now nicki sees Megan being a fan girl over cardi… I would trust a bitch like that either and she’s a groupie not a friend then the Tory situation didn’t help bcus Megan seems like a liar! & yes Meg is good at freestyling but she’s no where near as good of a lyricists as nicki, that’s no competition….Nicki already took over for over 10years even tho she still raps she’s in her own lane, she already put in the work

  10. All of this in this article was speculative! Nicki was not talking about Meg and Meg was talking to her label not responding to Nicki. Heav already broke this down. You missed on this one G.

      1. Exactly! Gossip is idle talk about other people business not made up beefs and lies. If I wanted to read made up facts I would go on Twitter. I thought this site was different.

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