August 18, 2022

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18 thoughts on “The Truth Behind Britney Griner Getting 9 years in Russian Jail and The Bigger Problem

  1. Also, are u going to address the stuff that came out about Nicki? I know it was a fake account, but what about the stuff that was said???

  2. The wnba players make way more money overseas than they do here. WNBA players make $100k. In Russia they make over $1,000,000. They can never make that kind of money here. That’s fuck up if trump is using this to get re-elected but I see it happening.

  3. I feel bad for her but let’s be honest we’re not supposed to travel with marijuana anywhere let alone across seas and at a time like this? She made that mistake and unfortunately she’s going to have to stay longer than expected but trading that arms dealer for her is definite no go. This is a
    really good theory and can definitely see it happening

  4. Good theory, and all around sad. For the people saying she should’ve just followed the rules, please! 🙄 As if you’ve never made a mistake in your life. I’m sure she didn’t intentionally travel to Russia with marijuana, she clearly stated she forgot it was in her bag. Hence, the reason she plead guilty. I know the justice system is different over there, by why didn’t anyone advise her against pleading guilty?

    1. BG was missing since January the war kicked off in April = she was already locked up + the star womens bball player from Moscow Ukrane married C.Parker last year which is considered another problem the greatest of all time S.Biles benched herself in 2021 Tokyo and who dominated the gymnastics medals , who snitched on Shacari and made her stay home from Tokyo for CBD , this is all about politics and future gold medals SMDH .

  5. IDK that is a great idea , but the real theory is 2024 Summer Games are the USA womens bball squad AND THE MENS BBALL SQUAD is going to drop out in protest IF she is still in jail ? If USA stays home its double gold medal for Moscow in bball + BG is 6’6 the only woman in the world who can really dunk on a NBA rim , KGB ARE GOING TO IVF HER EGGS and analyze her dna and then release her to Donald SMDH .

  6. I believe they will switch for the arms dealer and then kill him. That’s the smart move! I watch this everyday. I grew up in a Ukrainian family and the racism I received in my own family was appalling. I am investing in anyone willing to get her. Y’all have no clue how much they hate us bc we dont age as bad as them. It’s the truth! They hate our beauty! It’s a fact! She is 6’9! Like they got the tall goons on her. This is NOT okay!

  7. I got chills reading the part about Trump. I can totally see this happening. Black people already credit Trump for stimulus checks..🙄

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