August 18, 2022

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16 thoughts on “Sugar Bullets 5th Harmony

  1. Thanks so much for dropping this tea. This explains so much. I couldn’t understand why Normani has dropped an album but I can see why.

  2. Taylor Swift also got in the middle of 5H’s drama. She threw Camila a big birthday party but didn’t invite any of the other members. I can’t remember if it was dinah or Lauren’s aunt that went on twitter and called Taylor swift out. Then ally vs Camila was a thing. Camila ditched ally at a concert to record a song with Shawn mendes. In 2015 or 2016, rumors started to circulate about 5H break up but the girls couldn’t speak on it because Camila hired her own personal manager that all 5H were paying for and had all members sign a NDA where they couldn’t bash each other in interviews. During the 2016 AMA is when 5H found out that Camila was leaving the group not December 16 2016 like Camila is claiming. Camila even tried to paint the narrative that she was being bullied by the other members but it was all a pity party to make people feel sorry for her

  3. Why would the exec’s hate that she wouldn’t sleep with black dudes? I thought that they would be happy about that.

  4. Seems like the only thing Normani was guilty of was being a dark skinned Black woman with undeniable talent. Smdh.

  5. That song she had with Cardi was only a hit because of TikTo. Normani is so talented but I feel the hype around her fizzling out.

  6. Dinah is Pacific Islander she’s Samoan & Tongan. Islanders feel like they can say Nigga just like Hispanics just because they aren’t white. I have a Samoan co worker who frequently says the n word.

  7. Normani would be a good look for Chris! Knew 5H was a mess behind closed doors lol. They were a bunch of girls, so I don’t blame them

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