August 18, 2022

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7 thoughts on “Hot Takes 7-31-2022

  1. Yung Miami going to be ok. Ever since she was pregnant with her baby girl it seems like she been going through alot. Idk if i want diddy to comfort her or just leave the girl alone.

    1. Yung Miami prob been going through a lot cause of all the guilt she must have from allegedly sacrificing her 1st baby daddy.

  2. Will Crystal really leave Neyo this time 🤷🏼‍♀️ He been cheating 🤦🏼‍♀️ Yung Miami did not play the game right and she will continue to break down b/c if her choices & Karma they all break down mostly behind the scenes..! Naomi tryna stay in the loop and jump on who hit 🤷🏼‍♀️

  3. Soooo I’m wondering when people are going to see Jadas low ceasar for what it is… a low ceasar. Not a strand or line up up is different Than any other time she has cut her hair low, or anyone else for that matter. I dunno, I may have missed something somewhere… not a fan of the smiths but there more going on than the drama on the surface.

  4. Gusto vs Agent J = IDK but Gusto is gonna milk this situation because he realizes this had nothing to do with his wisecracks but due to the fact THE SMITHS PULL A STUNT EVERY TIME THEIR BABYGIRL IS PUTTING AN ALBUM OUT + getting humiliated on national TV is a guaranteed Rx on some good stuff meaning medical consideration = justify for an even higher price tag on comedy shows going forward SMDH .

    Mz Sexy MF = LOL the industry realize that trap rap is ruining whats left of the real club scene due to drugs and bang bang violence , are ppl even afraid to dance because its all hookah and selfies in the club and Giselle is the savior of the BPM , no BPM tempo means no fashion no dancing no liqour sales because going to a club right now is really like checking into a parole board SMDH !

    IDK is Giselle being taxed by the streamers due to the lawsuit with her streaming app vs the other streaming apps ?

    IDK but another flight plan being monitored from a big time celeb , how many times has Swifty Airlines been to DooBye etc and who was on those planes LOL has Melon exposed another nerve or is Donald still remember her comments from during the election ?

  5. So Taylor admitted to making money ( giving out her jet) and that’s better?

    Grace was there for a paycheck!

    Rihanna December 18/19 spoke on doing a fun house/dance album and a double project and prob the other one would be Reggae inspired. Beyoncé stays taking ideas.

    Yung mami needs to leave that toxic mf alone

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