August 18, 2022

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8 thoughts on “Spilling Sugar Saturdays Let’s go Get Up and Get Your Morning Sugar

  1. Jack is an evil rapist pedo, he deserves all the bad things happening to him.

    Yeah I always saw Drake settling down with a Toronto chick.

    Sydney needs to dump that old guy she with. Her career is going so well and she hasn’t even peaked yet, he’s just tryna hold her back and keep her from her good years, men love to do this BS to women when they have a lot going for themselves. She’s so young and has her whole life ahead of her, if she’s smart she’ll dump him.

    Idk why Rih takes ASAP seriously, she better just use him for cute kids and keep it pushing

  2. I was w Beyoncé on not needing to personally contact her…but then I saw she had copied kelis “sitting on a horse pic” for her cover…now I’m wondering if it was all done purposely to push more drama right before the album drop.

  3. The Sugar is very Sweet 👀🤗 I do want Aubrey to settle down with someone her knew before the game & that really loves him!! Kelis is wit the Sh$ts 😭😭😭😭 I hope Megan Goode is not handing dowwwn to Nick wit the Cannon 🤦🏼‍♀️

  4. I need the back story to Kelis and Beyonce, Starshell Kendu and Mary…what really happened between them and why is Rihanna with ASAP when she could have her pick of any man who is in the same tax bracket as her or higher?

    1. IDK but look up the Milkshake and Keys topic on here and then what if Giselle was intrigued when Milkshake got her big flower tattoo on her body , like Milkshake took an infamous naked thirst trap picture when she got her tattoo and Giselle said something like she wishes she could get a body tattoo but she had too many endorsements and she really likes flowers ? When pebbles got released from jail did he get sent to USA or was it the Bajan embassy that brokered the deal and now that Robyn is a national hero ? LOL ALLEDGEDLY .

  5. I think drakes just getting ready for winter, I know they have history but they both have unanswered questions and answers for each other. One thing about drake is loves Toronto and doesn’t see himself leaving anytime soon.

  6. Who’s trying to tell rih that these rumors just started? People have been trying to pin infidelity on Rocky since they went strolling in New York back in 2020 and like I’ve always said nothing has ever been concrete. People can claim DMs all they want but Rihanna has the means to find out what’s true and what’s not even if the public can’t. She herself busted her own fans trying to plot on Rocky herself so at that point everything has no choice but to be taken with a grain of salt until confirmation is given.

    If I was Rocky I lowkey would be drained of the back and forth and tbh it sounds like rih does that a lot with her men. I know sis probably has hormones raging still but if there was ever an inkling that she couldn’t trust him she would’ve never got pregnant by him. I don’t care about her being in her 30’s and wanting a baby so badly, you are Rihanna the billionaire there is so many options out there you could’ve taken to preserve your eggs until you found mr.right and you chose Rocky cause there’s some love there.

  7. IDK ALLEDGEDLY but it might be that SoloK try to link with the same guys after Milkshake did ? and she felt SoloK was clout chasing running behind her and then Giselle would make random comments in songs , but was Giselle intrigued by Milkshake being willing to ” adventure ” in the bedroom because Milkshake made a comment when asked about her infidelity like certain ppl wish they could have come to our bedroom but we dont play with everybody but when we do we play hard or something like that just a bunch xesual tension LOL ALLEDGEDLY SMDH .

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