October 1, 2022

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12 thoughts on “Morning Hot Takes 7-29-2022

  1. Uhhh I think y’all getting the asap members mixed up….Bari was the one accusing another member of snitching on Rocky. It was Relli who allegedly went to the cops on Rocky. Also Rocky was in the studio with Kanye right before Rih’s pregnancy was announced and they hung out afterwards too so when did he start caring about him and rih getting together and disliking Rocky? Another thing didn’t y’all say yourselves that Kendall and even Lana at one point have tried to reach out to Rocky and got shut down cause rih wasn’t having it? Now it’s he still talks to Kendall? This sounds like y’all trying To make beef between Kanye and rih and using Rocky and even Kendall as the reason…

    1. I was about to say they have them all mixed up.
      Kanye was in the studio with asap and bari while rih was pregnant.. there’s pics online.
      The car is maybe because bari wrote for Kanye on the low.
      Facts and they def said got shut down.
      I wonder why they trying to push a diff narrative now.

  2. Kelis could be referring to Nas in the sense of culture and authenticity. He is obviously richer living in the matrix. She’s a worker in the vineyard now.

    1. Worker? She OWNS that place and a farm and has a sucessful culinary career don’t play her like that

      1. Umm it’s a biblical reference. I know that she is and I appreciate her lifestyle. Also it’s successful.

  3. IDK but the Milkshake vs Giselle animosity really explains alot of small things 20 YEARS LATER . So realize the entire reason the rumor that Giselle had severe halitosis stems from the Camel vs Illmatic battle ? Milkshake once crashed her fiancee stage wearing his big medallion , he acknowledged her and said I got the baddest chick wearing MY CHAIN , and told her to give it back because there was too much drama and he didnt want anybody to take a chance at robbing his girl over the current rap beef or it was really going to be the point of no return ; then Giselle came later on after at a Camel appearance and started flexing wearing Camels medallion and was mouthing and mimicking Camels vicious diss track towards Illmatic ? All this was shown to the Illmatic brothers crew who had an album out at the time , they were like okay they werent going to include Giselle in the battle but if she try to jump in they would just let Milkshake handle her since she was just as much of a pop star as Giselle at the time of 01-02 BEFORE Giselle debut album . LMAO Illmatic crew said Giselle was in the video shoot with Illmatic but they never dated because GISELLE WAS TRYING TO LINK WITH MR RIDE MY PONY and they all were polite to her (same label?) but they realized her breath was horrible in person and it was the biggest turnoff to Illmatic LOL ! Milkshake later blurted out that she was always going to ride for her man regardless , but Giselle need to mind her stank breath and she wasnt going to say anything to her but the NERDS and various ppl were gossiping saying why does Giselle breath smell so horrible AT THE TIME since she started dating Camel SMDH ! LOL there is more leading up to this drama and it is actually the most hilarious theory or do you all even care so far ?

    1. IDK ALLEDGEDLY but the Nerds were planned to be the avant garde sequel of the Refugees , the Toons as Clef and Praz type role and Milkshake as LHill but at the last minute somebody convince the Toons that they had more potential as a duo , and that is possibly why Milkshake got scammed for her songbook and demos , so Milkshake has watched her biggest hits go to other artists for 20+ years so I can see why she ranted because instead of Giselle making a new duet with her in a new day and new $$$ , yet again the Toons used a sample that only benefits their own bank account ?

      LMAO the reason why all this is hilarious is because Milkshake is in on the joke courtesy of Giselle little sister , Solok is the GHOST PRODUCER OF THIS ACT 1 ALBUM and now Milkshake agreed to reenact the priceless marketing of Takeover vs Ether . Its like Act 1 2 3 = Bluprint 1 2 3 and Milkshake is illmatic , LOL Milkshake is playing the Jaguar role because of the simple fact all of the regular promotional bots were in located in Ukrane so since that isnt available what better way to market a controversial album than with messy diva drama giving the hive blogs something to chew on while they all laugh in a group chat ? Chlxe exposed the plan when she got herself shelved for talking too much months ago SMDH !

      1. Why i was thinking about solange lately. She always drop a new pic before bey projects. And she did divorce or separate from her husband. The music doesn’t sound like bey. I wonder what angle chloe going to be coming from now.

  4. IDK SoloK was the main one inspired by Milkshake , so since she finally ghost produced for Giselle album notice even SoloK son was trying to rap recently ? LOL PRACTICE SONGS Chlxe is shelved because in order to live up to her potential as a BALLAD SINGER she needs a competent band to personally back her ALL THE TIME which means a $$$ budget , doing trap songs = just dancers and a DJ , Chlxe recently said Milkshake was her favorite singer and then tirade about female producers not getting paid or proper credit LMAO this is all a rap beef marketing scheme for an experimental album , now imagine if Milkshake finally goes on DrunkChampz and Nore playing advocate for the Toons SMDH . IDK ALLEDGEDLY there is even more layers to this because is there a reason illmatic went on that epic rant vs his Milkshake a few years ago ?

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