August 18, 2022

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21 thoughts on “Word Has it Wednesday

  1. Sidney Sweeney is not doing anything out of the ordinary when it comes to Hollywood. These chicks quick to give it up to get ahead. Wash rinse repeat. I wouldn’t be shocked if she giving it up, I knew they would be coming for her. Probably explains why that boyfriend of hers decided to propose to her after she started getting poppin instead of before lol men love to do that when they partner get some popularity. It screams let me lock it down before she leave me for someone more rich and handsome haha

  2. I thought she was ok in euphoria.. doesn’t surprise me she’s been on the casting couch. Who is her boyfriend?

  3. She acted the hell out of that Cassie roll, I’d have to see her in more stuff to judge but i think they’re judging. Half of them have probably been on that casting couch more than once

  4. It’s Sydney Sweeney y’all. Why would y’all use this blurry ass pic when you know you not gonna mention her name? C’mon now…

  5. This sounds like some shxt haters would say. That girl is 🔥 and deserves every opportunity.

  6. Well she did recently say that it’s tough being an actor/actress in Hollywood & that they don’t pay enough and that she basically had no connections and worked her way up from nothing so I could see people taking that the wrong way if she’s really out here giving up the goods for those rolls snot actually working for them

  7. I definitely think Sydney Sweeney sometimes uses her boobs. But she’s a good actress still to me.

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