August 18, 2022

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6 thoughts on “Hot Takes 7-27-2022

  1. So Dani didn’t deny the relationship she denied that she was underage…but sweetie since we all know you worked closely with him while underage people are gonna believe he groomed you until you became legal to touch which is just as bad…

    Idk who saweetie talkin about but a part of me hopes it is drake. Plus drake is a boss of his own label and honestly a boss in rap music 😬 fingers crossed.

    Girls always put baby emojis under they man post when they all happy and In love surely Kylie isn’t crazy enough to have a 3rd baby with no ring. Sometimes I question whether she actually had a 2nd with how much she don’t show or even talk about their son lol but hey stormie is her north so she’s gonna be the star of however many kids she decides to have. With everything Travis going through still since Astroworld she must actually love him to stick beside him like this.

  2. Megan..

    I honestly don’t know how anyone could find Nick attractive after he done laid seeds everywhere.

    I pray she is protecting herself. Bcuz babyyyyy

  3. Meagan wtf? You now free after a decade and you choose 4543377 time baby daddy community dick? Girl do better eww.
    And Nick’s bitchass needs to not speak on women’s business

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