August 18, 2022

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17 thoughts on “Sugar Bullets Toni Braxton Part 2 ( Hold your hearts some of these are unexpected)

  1. 🗣OMG!! Not MBJ & a third person…yes in damn deed..Tamar ain’t you do your sister like that.

  2. Well okay Toni! Tamar is such a jealous bird, that’s why no matter how much she chased her leftovers she’ll never hold a candle to Toni and it eats her up

  3. I agree with the comments lets get
    Some Vince McMahon sugar bullets it’s been a minute since we exposed the white folk lol I just know he got stories of pimpin out those divas….I also wanna know how he feels about underage Stephanie allegedly smashing randy savage

  4. This was good! I saw Toni in person when I lived in Atlanta. Very well put together woman, petite but shapely. I think the 3rd person in the 3some is a dude. Yikes 😳

  5. Her and Frankie Beverly and his wife 🤯 Denis Rodman has had all the pretty ladies. He seem like he would snort some powder off ya breast and my boy Leo loves the brown sugar

  6. 😳😳😲😲 Toni? Toni Michelle Braxton???? I wasn’t expecting ALL of this from her 🤣. And remembered when she made that statement about being more loose when she was younger 😆. Sis, with all of this you need to be resting the fronts 🤣🤣🤣.

  7. Probably was Nick cannon since he & Toni have lupus and MBJ’s mom has it I believe..I didn’t think Ryan G & Eva ever married… she always seemed more into him than he into her..

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