August 18, 2022

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12 thoughts on “What Happened At Michael Rubin’s Party Between Roc Nation and Meek Mill

  1. I knew one day meek would get from roc nation. It’s funny meek smart for that one. I know jay was pissed.

  2. Meek gotta be careful tho because the co- owner Michael Rapino of roc nation is also the ceo of live nation and they deal with the touring side of the music industry.

  3. his done in music now.. meek going to be Michael play boy smh grass ain’t always greener on the other side

  4. Its quite odd and dangerous when these YT men starting getting involved in black ppl’s business. Meek is making a mistake and may be writing a check his a** can’t cash. Rubin knows nothing about the music industry and artist should be weary about getting involved with him. Especially seeing that he’s targeting black artist and athletes instead of his own people.

  5. How many times have we seen these white men get involved with rap politics and it backfire on the artist? They love to get involved when they feel like money can be made off the person but how much money can meek Mill bring in? Not much tbh. He better stick to playing the background and playing this meek Luther king role cause that seems to be the only thing that works for him.

  6. I mean we can’t sit here and act like Jayz and Roc Nation did use Meek simply for the whole prison reform thing. They had a agenda. That’s the only time they were really pushing him. I seen it coming from a mile away. Yes Jayz is black but he can’t be trusted either. Let’s just hope Rubin really does have good intentions and it works in meek favor. There is decent yt people out here.

  7. I think that any artist that is trying to part ways with Roc Nation is smart. I think that Jay-Z fronts with that empowerment stuff, but when it comes down to it, he holds his artists back from growing.

  8. From the iron pot into the skillet… in other words he’s still going to be 🔥 burned regardless. Neither choice is in his best interest.

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