August 18, 2022

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10 thoughts on “Is Atlantic Done With Cardi B? What Happened?

  1. Ain’t nobody on that label coming out with a record until that payola case with Tidal, is closed.

  2. Damn it be a lot of stuff going on. NBA been going off on Atlantic about other stuff, so this does kind of make sense. They’re probably tired of Cardi complaining as well.

  3. Cardi messed up they plans for the invasion of privacy era by getting pregnant too That’s why she couldn’t go on tour with bruno or just tour in general. As much hype as the Album got she missed a cash grab by not touring behind it.

    It seem like sis keeps making babies around album times coincidentally and it’s giving I don’t wanna put in the work of touring so the pregnancies are my copp outs…I’ll be fine with the money off the album; however we know how Atlantic is they like big cash grabs so they can keep the lights on off it and she getting in the way of that. You would think she shouldn’t be making anyone mad for wanting to build a family but Hollywood don’t care about none of that lol they want they coin.

    I don’t think Atlantic done with her but she definitely probably rubbing them executives the wrong way now. They had her thinking she was running the show when she debuted to butter her up and now it’s Time to show her who really call the shots and heads is clashing.

  4. So the verses don’t have to get cleared anymore?? All that could’ve been prevented …its always something with Bardi. Jay Electronica took years to drop and when he did nobody cared, shes heading down the same path i fear!

  5. If that was her best song then what is that album going to sound like? She should stop responding and fighting with anyone that has something to say about her; pay them dust.

  6. IDK but did any of the PRODUCERS of IOP album get any accolades for their record setting work yet ? GBM Mixtape album cover model = no recognition , GBM Mixtape producers = no recognition , IOP album producers = no recognition , 1st mgmt = no recognition ! Her new budget has to be thee extraordinary and if she not PAYING anybody that help her make the MUSIC thus far , of course her 2nd ALBUM is going to be a dry project , you cant name any of her goto producers without using a search engine FOR A RECORD SETTING ROLLING STONE CLASSIC ALBUM SMDH .

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