August 18, 2022

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19 thoughts on “Hot Takes 7-11-2022

    1. I think Travis is using Kylie . If you notice, whenever there is negative publicity about him, he trots out Kylie trying to uphold a fake family guy image.

  1. I believe people are over Kylie as well. I agree with arresting the parents that gave their daughters to R Kelly should be charged as well.

  2. Uncontrollable substances?

    Hmmm okay summer lol if your into that I guess

    Kylie bores me to death. I know Kim happy tho lolol

  3. Cardi doesn’t pay bloggers she just pretends to be besties with them so all of you guys can write goodstuff about her

  4. The parents should be locked up too including Aaliyah’s parents (especially her mom). I would rather get the full story from Raz B, I think Omarion is gonna leave out the juicy details. I didn’t quite understand what was being said about Lady Gaga.

  5. Please tell us what Pete is “mixed” with? Lmao thank you…Ok we get it you apparently love Cardi B or she signing checks lmao

  6. There’s a tiny clip on Bree’s IG, second to last one on that day that after I saw that I agree with you.

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