August 18, 2022

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10 thoughts on “Wayne’s EXCLUSIVE MYA’s SECRETS EXPOSED

    1. I would do it but last time
      I donated for a story I didn’t get the access and it messed everything up! Spill the sugar and atop playin lol

  1. IDK ALLEDGEDLY but was the reason Chlxe assistant / roadie lady knew the Renaissance / DC3 was coming and posted a wild Itoldyouso rant on social media subliminally telling CxH to smarten up ?

    Melon realized he cant add fake bots to the metaverse 1.0 and $40B is too steep of a price to pay FOR AN UNPROFITABLE COMPANY , BUT ANYTHING LESS THAN $35B will permanently deflate the stock price of the company so they need Melon to follow through on the deal or more twits head are already getting the chopping block SMDH !

    Ratatata is the ultimate upgrade because her passport is valid worldwide and she can introduce Scorpion to ppl that dont take him seriously despite everything he has achieved in the industry Ratatata can be Goop / Honest 2.0 if she has the right clout backing her . Smart move because Scorpion can really step into the Billy club if he can snatch her from the free agency and revamp her image , he better grab her before his GOOD rival from Chicago does ?

    Does daughter even know that Moodring is her mother or how was she raised because Moodring stays booked for 20+ years I always wondered what was her and OG Rapalot relationship ? LOL IDK ALLEDGEDLY but is Moodring really 2nd to only Supahed in her oratory stimulation skills ?

    Barb needs to stay as far away from Cardigan as possible , there is a colorful haired reason both their activities are being scrutinized for a possible vacation to Club FED in Puerto RICO SMDH IDK ALLEDGEDLY .

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