August 18, 2022

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18 thoughts on “How Doja Cat Became The Chosen One

  1. So her not liking black guys is what made her get chosen as the next up? Lol I think y’all putting it on a little too much with that narrative. If all it took was to publicly disown black men to get put on then there would be tons of chicks That would actually be bigger than they are haha. Maybe Tinashe should disown black men she just as mixed and talented haha

    Doja is genuinely talented but she also can be put to use for whatever agendas they assign her. Hey maybe they’ll use her to push the black women burn the cape agenda. Aka stop defending black men when all they do is disrespect you agenda.

    1. Doja so you want us to believe it’s your talent that got you here huh? Like you said, if talent was the reason then there would have been plenty of chicks lol but hey go off…

      Tell us more though🧐

  2. Hey GG 😘 Hell Yessss We want Moreee! Ole Racist Bissssh people are slowly be surely seeing she’s a racist we will see what happens next! I cannot tell you one song of this Bissssh b/c I pay her absolute dust 🤷🏼‍♀️

  3. LMAO what stood out is Whxxpi was always regarded by my elders as being an underrated REAL azz chick back in the funk soul jazz era even up before the View , so for Whxxpi to stop DJscat on the red carpet ( break the 3rd wall of media illusion ) and tell her that she indeed worked with DJscat father on B’way AND DJscat reply SHE NEVER EVEN MET HER OWN REAL DAD WTF ! So biracial with femcel tendencies playing a blk stereotype rachet MC where is her blk side from ?

    Now remember the real reason DJscat got exposed for being chan wench ? The chick ppl love to hate A.Banks joked that LDRay was a rich girl that slept her way and none of her songs will chart anymore , and LDR said drop the addy she will pull up AND reply oh we all know A.Banks was just a studio jumpoff for the predecessors of ASAP crew and M.Ronson let A.Banks rap so the pot call the kettle LMAO ! Then LDR later lamented that the Mee2 movement will never make impact if the new girls thirsty for fame keep signing up with the same abusers , and DJscat reply sublim that why is LDR hating on her because SaySo was her #1 at the time , and the songs LDR did with DrPuke didnt even chart LOL ? LDR respond oh we all know that DJscat stepdad was a D.Row lawyer and he never thought DJscat had talent and the only reason she got the cow song is because her ex bf was a dealer and Rackcity owed money LDR said wait a min and the wench videos dropped that same night WTF ! The wench videos were put on sale on the darksidenet because that is what those clubhouse chats are for in the 1st place – to pump insecure ppl opinions up and blackmail them later on , just happened that the wench was a plant that turned into a #1 popstar LOL !

    IDK ALLEDGEDLY but did anybody ever stop to think that DJscat slid in the kids DM wasnt for sex but for the plug on substances ? LOL read the screenshots and her splaining after and does it look like to me shes looking for romance or for that product ? Be fair if you dont know a plug that well it would be proper to text somebody that does to verify how they contact clientele right , and if you from streets there is no age limit teens can serve any customer , if they want that product they can get it so IDK ALLEDGEDLY but why did DJscat get throat surgery from vape or from that synthetic crystal ? #1 popstar throwing her peak career away for nothing SMDH !

  4. As much as I liked the song “Rules” it was clear as day the symbolism was strong in that video.

  5. Decipher Rules please!
    Stumbled across her music in 2014…still can’t believe how much she’s blown up since then. Same for the Weeknd and SZA. I guess those rituals are ritual-ing. LOL!! 😂😂

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