August 18, 2022

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12 thoughts on “Dj Akademiks is Reading our blog Guys

  1. Ain’t nobody forcing these grown men to follow behind these billionaires they doing that on they own. Sexual stuff okay maybe depending on if that rapper is truly straight or not then maybe they being forced to do that part, but nobody is forcing them to go to they little get togethers, be constantly seen in pictures with them , endorsing their brands etc. they doing that on they own for funding and white support.

  2. Let me find out AK part of the crew 😭😭😭😂😂🤣 My bro Tariq pulled up on AK and had to school his ass about history, AK said rap was strayed first by Jamaicans 😩🥴😭😭😂 AK welcomed Bruh 😭😭😭😂 and yes the Illuminati exists

    I’m shocked at Ye but he had to serve master to move up in the fashion industry

    These rappers know what the deal is when you sign on the dotted line and agree to the terms you wasn’t force 🤷🏼‍♀️

  3. IDK LMAO but I am definitely NOT Livingston ! ALL these monetized vloggers constantly need new topics and insight so they come to a paid website OUTSIDE THE GENERAL ALGORITHM for ” market research ” , this proves the ” dead internet ” theory in a nutshell SMDH .

  4. The whole thing is weird. I always thought that something was up when I kept seeing Meek and Gucci at the Celtics games with Kraft. I’ve worked in the industry a long time, and I’ve lived in boston for years. Kraft doesn’t hang with many people – and most definitely no one of color. So, for him to suddenly have helped these guys get out of jail and then to be showing up to games with them and traveling with them? I wouldn’t doubt that he’s claiming ownership of them. I think you’re right G. I think he reignited it all. G, I’m sure you can pull up and have knowledge of other celebrities who have been “owned” by other powerful people. The mafia claimed ownership of Sinatra and the rat pack. This isn’t far fetched.

  5. AK is probably undercover sugar baby. He knows there’s an Illuminati and that selling your soul exists.

  6. I don’t think it’s forced I see regular men come around other men that have money and act like groupies it’s pretty embarrassing

  7. I think in this particular case it is forced(this includes hanging out & also all the other sick 💩 they are required to do), but only if you are a artist that wants to stay relevant, continue to make millions or both. If you are artist who doesn’t care about all of that, you won’t be kissing their azzes. Look at those white men, they don’t look any way interesting to even wanna hang out with. The higher ups have made it clear to those rappers, you want the bag you gotta kiss their rings.

    If AK IS reading the blog he needs to take advice about stop being clown. I think a lot of people have said that 🤭😏.

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