August 18, 2022

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18 thoughts on “Blind Sugar 7/7/2022 Everyone Participate

  1. 1. Chris Brown or Justin Bieber
    2. Kim K being a hater
    3.??? I gotta think on it some more.

  2. Damn I wasn’t even thinking about Kylie, that makes more sense. They wanted date black men and have the features of a woman, but hate and wish for black women’s downfall. I hope the silicone in their bodies turn into play doh.

  3. First one gotta be Justin Bieber!
    Second one Kylie/Rihanna
    Last one I really don’t know🤔

  4. Kylie should be mad at Kim though didn’t she go back and tell Forbes her actual earnings?

  5. Justin’s face is like that because of that certain vaccine he took. 🙁 They finally released the adverse reactions and THAT is one of them.

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