August 18, 2022

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9 thoughts on “Michael Rubin The New Slave Owner

      1. I was waiting for your post G. Figured it was a ritual. So what is Drake’s part in this entire ritual.

  1. See, that’s why I don’t trust “Black Men” look @ all of them on this YT man ass! …They are weak minded when it comes to YT men, and YT men knows this. If I meet a black man and he’s good to me, respectful, etc. then that’s the one I WILL TRUST, until he do something to piss me off, then I gotta throw him back in line with these idiots. Black Celebrity men are the last one I will do business with in the Entertainment Industry. GIVE ME A YT JEWISH MAN ANY DAY! …For Business, and that’s all it’s going to be just business. No extra shit! LOL

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