August 18, 2022

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8 thoughts on “Hot Takes 6/30/2022

  1. R Kelly gonna be right at home in jail and I hope Naomi does end things. Shes off her game with him

  2. Karrueche is smart to stay away. She tried
    To be cordial with him and him poppin up with another baby probably triggered her PTSD. I don’t doubt she might’ve been getting his hopes up for a reconciliation, but deep down she know she ain’t going back. The time has passed. She enjoyed having him eat out the palm of her hand but now it’s back to reality.

  3. I’m glad Diddy do be around certain situations.

    YoungBoy did the diss and said he was done. Durk just bored lol

  4. Who ever be teeling you your tea when it comes to Chris be a straight lie. There was all types of cameras a diddy party in Chris face and none of them showed any of this. Chris not even on that type of time anymore

  5. Kae be baiting chris. She be trying to make him think he has a chance then when he come around act like done nothing.

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