August 18, 2022

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15 thoughts on “Classic Sugar When Skeletons Talk The Messy Marriage of Shaunie and Shaquille O Neal

  1. So this explains a lot…and seems like some of her situations fueled plot lines on The Basketball Wives Series

  2. Always ring true, if you meet in a messy situation, the ending will probably end messy as well. They seem to get along well now.

  3. This is random, but can we have some tea on Michael Jackson. His death anniversary was yesterday

  4. Shaq is funny and Shaunie is a smart girl, she knew what was up and handled is well and has been thriving for years. Kobe, rest his soul, wasn’t 💩. That vampire he was married to wasn’t much better

  5. Not Diddy judging his depressed friend like he didn’t slit his wrist and almost die when he found out death row was smashing one of his BM’s lol

    And you right G we have heard the falling for the personal trainer love story before *cough* *cough* Diddy *cough* *cough* Cassie roflmfao

  6. I would have ben Stashing Money once I signed that Marriage License to Big Nasty 🤷🏼‍♀️😂

  7. Wait…..Shaunie’s first husband’s name is Daven Baptiste, who is the father of her first son Myles. As well as him being a accountant. Some say he worked for/with Shaq and that’s how they met. And how can she be upset at Shaq when she cheating on her husband with Shaq, and got pregnant for him while still married to Daven. I really wish he would blast her ass!!

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