July 2, 2022

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15 thoughts on “The Real Reason Normani Is Not Excelling and People Are Coming For Her Neck

  1. I think so very talented, she is beautiful, sexy, and can dance. I would like to see her win. Thank you for the tea.

  2. I root for Normani I’ve liked all her singles from motivation to Wild Side (even if I feel cardi wasn’t exactly needed tbh sorry) and I love fair.

    Another fan base you can add to being pissed at her is now Rihanna fans because she worked with Chris. The other fanbase explanations definitely make sense. I didn’t even know Taylor swift and Anita fans ain’t like her.

    Your right Normani’s own fans are more upset at her lack of music but she starring in everybody else project or kinda coattail riding other female celebs that are actually putting music out.

    Personally I also feel like this was finally the reason people needed to justify why they don’t stream and support Normani like they should. They been not doing it but needed a reason to hide behind…this is it.

  3. Hey GG,
    This really pisses me off even more b/c I cannot help or fix the situation, I know Normani posted some serious post that made me ? If she was going thru a depression or maybe even contemplating Suicide, and it broke my heart ❤️ how Mani is hurting all b/c the Beautiful Baby is Overly Talented and can take over Beyonce Queendom b/c truth of the matter is she’s downnn after this album allot folks like me was not feeling that song she put out..she is Satan daughter so I can’t accept anything she does..Normani does need a new label and a new team…Fu$k Alll themmm that’s hating on her! I believe wit the right label and team she can go above all them hoesssss🥴 Let’s just say Chole doesn’t do or can’t live up to Beyonce then what I honestly don’t see the hype she can sing but i meannn 🤷🏼‍♀️

    1. I really want Normani to win. If/when she drops her album I’m going to go BUY it, and nowadays I don’t buy records anymore often but that’s how badly I want her to win. The talent is there. The hate is so unnecessary, their faves are mad that with no album and only a few singles Normani still has huge star power

  4. I agree with G, the number one thing she needs is a new team. I knew her complexion would be an issue and I’ve seen the hateful comments from Camila’s and Chloe’s fans. I pray her talent will help her rise above. I remember the hate JLo got in the beginning of her career but she managed to be a success.

  5. This is foolishness, and it is jealousy from these fandoms. Normani did nothing to these celebrities. Now, Camila brought that on her own racist self.

  6. I also have a friend high in the industry who basically said management teams didn’t know what to do with her. More along the lines, they didn’t know
    If she’d be marketable to black or white ppl based off her personality. Obviously white is out giving all these fan bases hating her. And black ppl like her but like Justine Skye she just has garnered the black community

  7. I have never seen Chloe stans bring up skin color when discussing Normani, it’s always the other way around. Normani fans and other fanbases always bring up Chloe complexion because she’s Beyoncé protégé.

    What I’m waiting for the real fans to do is actually support Normani and stop making her skin tone the reason why y’all want her to succeed. Normani can sing, and dance and she’s beautiful! If y’all love her, buy and stream her music! Who cares about waiting for an album, if it’s quality it’s worth the wait!

    And I honestly think shes coming second in management. Her manager is not booking her anywhere! She needs a better team

  8. I am waiting to see Normani win. I hate this for her and I dgaf what anybody says that video is 🔥 her and Chris want all the smoke and I’m sorry I don’t like horse head ass Chloe. Any grown woman who can’t compose her own identity is a 🤡

  9. One of the best and most interesting breakdowns you’ve done on a new artist. Good grammar/spelling too. Normani is so talented and crazy beautiful

  10. I don’t know if this would help, but she could use a better stylist (her red carpet looks from hair & makeup down to her outfits have never given much in my opinion) and better producers. She is so talented, and gorgeous- she just needs a better look and sound. I also think she should have done Wild Side without Cardi – focused more on her and then added Cardi to the remix.

  11. I think Chloe is overrated & I actually like Normani she’s beautiful & very talented I really wish ppl would stop hating on this woman

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