July 2, 2022

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9 thoughts on “Spilling Sugar On Everyone 6/23/2022

  1. They taking these new rappers out left and right…ASAP Rocky dammm RiRi just had the baby and he cheating 🤦🏼‍♀️ I think Riri will give him another chance 💁🏼‍♀️Will Beyonce really leave Jay 🤔 I know Usher will drop the world for her..we will see..

  2. Since you spoke to Deuxmoi is it them that is apparently giving these 3 Rocky cheating rumors to you? They’ve been real bothered about Rocky since that whole Amina fiasco blew up and it all started with them getting anonymous tips that she was crying in a restaurant. Ever since then people will send blind items and they always seem to say it’s asap every time.

    We hadn’t heard anything about Rocky ever since it was announced rih gave birth, it’s been silent for the both of them. Nothing about cheating, that random shooting case, nada. Then Rocky gets spotted out and about making music, but still nothing terrible just him being spotted.

    If I’m not mistaken he’s on a tour with Nas now and now all of a sudden Deuxmoi gets a *once again* blind item that people think is automatically him. So similar to how fans sent blind items to them about Rocky being at NBA All star week with chicks that wasn’t Rihanna, and come to find out he was all the way in London for a whole month.

    Since when did blind items become automatic truth? if that’s the case then Rihanna really is a crack addicted sex fiend who sells cooch on the weekends *according to CDAN* Drake really is a pedo who physically abuses his BM, young women and even men too *also according to CDAN* and Cardi is a coke head who is so addicted she couldn’t even stop using when she was pregnant *once again CDAN*

    the number one blind item site be saying these things with no receipts and we supposed to take it as truth? Nah. Now Deuxmoi is following the same blueprint and people falling right down the rabbit hole.

  3. So sad about the young rapper. I hope a miracle can come through for him.
    ASAP Rocky, now all these rumors can’t be just rumors, or can they? I hope he’s not that dumb lol

  4. IDK but were Om@r and M@rio taking shots at their Vz towards each other over the Mz 4th month ?

  5. Why the hell is Quavo entertaining King Vons sister if he about to go public with Kae? Im the lil sis thats heatedd for her lolol im ticked! I want better for her 🙁

  6. Rihanna stupid for even taking him serious this is what we mean when we say women do it to themselves

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