July 2, 2022

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15 thoughts on “Hot Takes 6/22/2022

  1. I’m sick of folks Fu$king wit Normani and you are 10000% Correct DojaCat racist A$$ still out here making numbers on the chart…🥴 I can’t tell you one song from her…and her attitude is way too cocky and rude, I did not know Kylie and Travis broke up 👀

  2. Saweetie is an influencer who makes popular music. Once people understand that, her genre of fame makes more sense.

    1. I don’t even think they ever truly got back together with a commitment. They probably just smash here and there, she got pregnant again and now she wants a relationship. Her self esteem is in the bin like khloes

  3. Kim and Kanye’s kids need discipline. There are more ways to discipline a child than hitting them. So they can miss me with that excuse. No way would I let a child speak to me like those kids speak to Kim. Homie don’t play that. Also what did we really expect? Kanye switching chics like he’s changing his drawers and Kim introducing the children to the man she’s only being seeing a few months. When you are single with kids you have to move differently when dating. It isn’t just you anymore.

  4. Kylie is DESPERATE! She is another khloe in secret. She posts him more than he posts her. If that’s not a red flag…

  5. Doja was not caught in racist chats. She was in a chat with white people with another black person present and said Nigga. None of the white folks said it back or anything like that. If y’all got receipts of other chats where obvious racist shit was going on y’all need to drop the exclusive cause otherwise y’all just repeating that debunked humiliation ritual.

    Comparing Doja to Normani doesn’t equate because the only reason people mad is because she worked with Rihanna on Fenty & because she darkskin, so people feel she shouldn’t be working with Chris since he don’t smash darkskins (which we don’t know what happened between them behind the scenes of this video). People just being bitter.

  6. Chris Brown’s video was tastefully done. But every time I’ve seen him for the past couple of years, he’s been wearing a wedding band on his ring finger. Why is that so? To be honest I had a feeling a brown skin would be back in his lastest projects. But what happened to him and Seven Streeter? Their chemistry was undeniable as she was sign to him and wrote a lot of songs with him, and they were damn near joined at the hip. But then they just stopped……what’s tea?

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